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i'm a trans woman and i'm probably going to post a lot about my gay life, code projects (including Tarot of the Lost Purpose), ffxiv, and maybe some of my stories and fanfic that i write

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I regret to inform you guys that because the hosting account for Equestria Forums was suspended some time ago, the entire forum is dead and, as a result, this legendary thread is gone

Press F to pay respects

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Mamma Mia!
2 Mamma 2 Mia
Mamma Mia: Tokyo Drift
Mamma & Mia
Mamma Five
Mamma & Mia 6
Mia 7
Fate of the Mamma

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the 👏 plural 👏 of 👏 mama 👏 mia 👏 is 👏 mamas 👏 mia👏

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i'm gay (click "show more" to view the license for this toot) Show more

me: i can't tell this cop i’m double jointed
- later -
cop: sir, can i ask why you’re smoking TWO huge blunts?
cop: *sternly breakdancing*

me: i can't tell my date i'm secretly a moth
- later -
date: aw, these candles are so pretty
me: *starts running in circles around the table*

just had a lyft ride where my girlfriend and i were talking about trans stuff and then the driver goes all “you know, if people were who they wanted to be we wouldn’t have this issue. someone asked morgan freeman about black history month once, and...”

fortunately she’s better at handling that sort of person than me

just saw a femme person with yellow (not blonde, yellow) hair and orange heart-shaped sunglasses dancing at a sidewalk corner and i was like ‘holy shit goals’

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These two images beautifully illustrate how politically polarized our republic has become

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hey everyone! i'm doing a quick survey for my studies at UW. You don't have to provide any identifying information and data isn't shared outside of other students in that class and the professor in charge.

If you're *not* a student at part of UW-T's Institute of Technology & Engineering, and you cook at least 3 of your own meals per week, give it a look! The survey is only 5 questions long.

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Greeks be like

Here’s your free horse


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you: my laptop restarted in the night because of kernel panic
me, robot empathizer: poor babby had a nightmare

making a line of pens with a bladed tip to hone the nibs

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hey play this game because it fucking rules
Hey I just published my new game, You Are Jeff Bezos. It is a game where you are Jeff Bezos and your only goal is to spend all his fucking money

i have yet to find a fully satisfying answer for how anthros with back protuberances (fins, wings) put on shirts

becoming a debian package maintainer to own the libs

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