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i'm a trans woman and i'm probably going to post a lot about my gay life, code projects (including Tarot of the Lost Purpose), ffxiv, and maybe some of my stories and fanfic that i write

every time i see people (justifiably, to be clear!) complaining about machine learning, i get a little more thankful that my old machine learning work was in a field where ML actually *works* and produces results that outstrip any sort of hand-tuning

i kind of want to give mopidy another shot but i remember it not implementing some aspects of the mpd protocol that i liked, like the ability to just view all albums

i remember when i was maybe 20-ish watching the bad apple music video was intensely uncomfortable for me for a reason i couldn't identify

it took me several years to realize why i felt weird watching a video full of girls being generally badass/cool/in tune with themselves

i made these nerds before i realized stellaris wouldn't let you start with just, like, an Ordinary Robot civilization >:(

reverse twilight zone:
[shot of robot holding a book, titled]
"How To Cook Man"
[pan to back of book]
"...a Delicious Meal"

oh hey crosscode has linux/mac support, for some reason i thought it didn't

like, sometimes i just wanna get a sense of how a game plays without hearing Generic Youtuber Screams overlaid, damn

god bless people who post gameplay videos without commentary

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