found out that a number of episodes of columbo received distribution in italy as standalone movies, and they got prime giallo-style hand-painted poster art, this shit looks so good:

@hexwren and yet nothing referencing his wife’s spaghetti !

@hexwren stylish, cool and awesome. And 2 of them are my favorites, John Cassavetes and Lee Grant.

@hexwren the last two are a before and after, illustrating just how little he gives a fuck about light aircraft disasters

@hexwren directed by Ben Gazzara!
Jackie Treehorn! Didn't know Columbo was in the smut business.

@hexwren My mom loved the Tenente Colombo TV show, and I watched all episodes with her when I was a kid. My dad was into 007 instead...

@hexwren Really nice!

There's a local cable station that's been re-running episodes of Columbo and they hold up quite well considering the changes in forensics (and the smoking).

@hexwren Oh gods, Columbo. That was such a great series. I remember how my mother always got upset when Columbo was about to leave and then "Oh, one more thing..."

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