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inventing new girls

her name is jupiter, she likes ornate mirrors, brass lanterns, cats and being out in the rain. she never made it as a ballerina and still climbs trees. she wants to own a bookstore, but doesn't have the energy to go through with it

her name is peg. she likes steely dan, except for the song she was named after. she was a horse girl until she actually tried riding one. she dyes her hair, but never can find a color she likes. tuna salad sandwiches for lunch every sunday

her name is harriet, but she was known as "dirty harry" in her high school field hockey days: partly for her ruthless physical style of play, partly for her lack of decorum on the team bus. if she's called that now, it's because she's been working in her flower garden. she keeps a koi pond because she likes the fish; she doesn't know anything else about japan

her name is neesha, and she used to sing in a band. nowadays, she still sings, but for herself. she wants to go on vacation to somewhere that's nowhere. whiskey, neat

still inventing new girls

her name is kiki, but she prefers the nickname "flip." she envies the local skatepunks and works in a bakery. cakes are her specialty. her first celebrity crush was max cavalera

her name is brynn. she played alto sax in middle school and wonders if she should have stuck with it. nowadays, she works in a travel agency. she podcasts about the canadian children's television show "today's special"

her name is keisha and she's an up-and-coming YA author. her agent has had a few offers but no contracts yet. the story involves a haunted catholic school falling backwards in time so that the kids of today have to team up with the kids of the nineties, seventies, and thirties to save the school and possibly all of reality

her name is allison and she loves kaleidoscopes and pit bulls. she's an enthusiastic but underwhelming cook, which suits her sous chef fiancee just fine

her name is kattie and she's from the netherlands. she loves wearing paisley fabrics and flying kites. tea with brunch

@hexwren this is a solid post, but i'll admit that when i just saw the first two above the cut, i thought this was a bouba/kiki joke

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