extremely disliking the fact that people selling extremely woo bullshit for hundreds or thousands of dollars are making it hard for me to search for glass or crystal orbs for me to buy just to make my place look rad, instead of chasing away negative 5G demons and balancing my vitals or whatever else these motherfuckers are trying to sell

halfway through making this post, it turned from "I'll dunk on this expensive piece of 'energy' nonsense" to an absolute existential crisis about how I will never write a joke as funny as the world itself. I urge you to read the image descriptions fully for this reason. I am fucking done. defeated. obliterated.

@hexwren i'm looking at the pic and it's like wow you aren't even assembling this thing symmetrically you're not taking the 6 fold radial symmetry of the base shape into account also for 16k you can't find a 2 by 4 long enough without having to stick 2 together end to end with an ugly seam and weak glue surface?????


@echo if they had time to learn how wood works, they'd be woodworkers, not psychic grifters

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