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The last of the bullet points in my profile is one of the hardest to outline. Ludomantic Witchcraft is a theory I have been slowly assembling, the work of which I hope to share here as it develops. Simply put, I love games, almost as much as I love music. From the incredibly simple to the obnoxiously complex, simple acts with cards, dice, boards, pawns, et al. allow us to interact with what one might call fate or fortune. Rule sets are rituals. I have experiments and ideas to share.

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I also make mixtapes! It's been a minute since I've done so, but I hope to start up again in the near future.

Here's a link:

All that's currently posted are what I call Community Mixtapes, done for the queer gaming discord I often hang out on. Everyone who signs up submits 3 tunes, and I pick 1 out of every set and string a tape together from them. I'll be going back to these soon, and am looking to see how Community Tapemaking works on the fediverse.

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I am a terrible music nerd. I will often speak in obscure references, suggest records you may never have heard of, and generally go nuts for good tunes. I consider myself an amateur pop music historienne.

However, if there's one thing I've learned in learning all I have about music, it's that there is always more to learn and to listen to. I absolutely want to hear what you're into and what is missing from my rotation. I love nostalgic sounds, but I don't want to be defined by them.

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I do many things, and this account is here to share them with you! I also hope to get more social with the fine folx of this instance, but as I work nights and sleep days, it's going to be a work in progress.

One of the things I do is write! I work mainly in prose, which is occasionally smutty, because I am occasionally a crass person. Any 18+ work will be labeled as such.

I have also begun writing my first computer game! As of "now," I am maybe 10% of the way to a finished product.

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Hi! I'm Hex, or Wren, whichever you feel is best, it's all me. I like birds and bird puns, hence the name.

This is an account where I will be mostly posting the end result of Work. There will be personal elements, of course, but this isn't a personal/vent/AD/etc account. I'll have more (pinnable) introductory posts to describe what those are coming up soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to post something we can interact with while I go to my mundane job on the other side of the city.

took a half-night off work because my life is a mess

I should watch a movie

it should be a blockbuster film full of spectacle and (at least mostly) devoid of intellect

it should also be something I've never seen before

what should I watch?

I hate that my face is so obvious

I look exactly like someone who has opinions about kung fu movies and thurston moore

and I do

woke up from a dream and all I remember from it is the phrase

"Timmy Jam and Jerry Lewis"

birdie wing ep 8 

I understand that this is basically the only way this story arc could have ended

but I swear to fuck if they just make this a normal sports anime about sportsmanship and the love of the game I am gonna take five shits and die

replaying FONV, trying to get to stuff I skipped in my first playthrough, finding out that the game's design doesn't railroad you through the plot so much as it railroads you through making large portions of the map absolute death zones, so even if you have quests guiding you into certain parts of the wastes, you definitely won't be able to complete them until much later, when you start being able to one-shot everything that comes near you

television screenshot 

Seen here, the 2006-8 Canadian sitcom Rent-a-Goalie. To the left, the character Mondo Bingo (who is so huge he is never able to fit onscreen with the other characters and only ever wears sweatshirts indicating he loves his mums), appears with his mums Sheila and Tracy onscreen for the first time in season two, episode eight.

I just really like that this gag paid off. Duder just really loves his mums.

rewatching utena and sailor moon currently and nephrite's victim-of-the-week has the last name saionji - which, uh, if you've seen utena at all, will have certain Implications

this isn't even some kind of ironic "hurr, they're supposed to be playing pool, but they're fucking on the pool table" thing

no, the setup for this is that they're playing pool, and there's about two minutes of footage of them playing at the start of the thing and they're stunningly terrible at it

and it's a really small table, nowhere near tournament size, so it's not like you've gotta make these shots from all the way downtown

and they're still missing easy shit

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watching gay porn and being absolutely mesmerized at how bad these two twinks are at shooting pool


I'm pretty tired of people, with absolutely zero recognition or irony, putting

"[that class]? it's easy"


"all you have to do is put flarhgunnstow on yourself or a tank, keep the noisy pink bubbles rotating when they come up (except when it's inverted because walking contradiction procced, skip them and devoid->complex until it resets and king for a day if it procs)

then just laser scythe until your grist mill is full and you moonbeam->delerium them. when the ham sandwich arrives, don't push the button immediately, save it for a rainy day. when everything is working, you'll be hitting either outside or inside every thirty seconds on the spot, but if you drop rotation, you need to move the flarhgunnstow to someone else and start the bubbles over."

in the same response

a complaint about pornography 

well, I should have expected this, but now it's become a thing for live action porn performers to try and make the "ahegao" face while doing their thing and it's as terrible and offputting and doesn't-work-on-actual-people as you might guess


done with work tonight, finally

and I hurt everywhere

and they cancelled telework overtime

this does not mean they cancelled mandatory overtime

this just means that I'm going to have to pull eight hours (across two days) in the office this weekend because fuck me, right

having one of those days where I feel like every time I open my mouth, nothing useful comes out of it

financial (-) 

so I expected this was coming, but it officially came down today

so there was, just recently, a city/county-wide property tax reassessment

and, because this city is fucking demented and crammed full of shitty billionaires and tech firms and wannabe billionaires, property taxes went up an astronomical amount

this means my rent is going up a full $240 a month, because this is hell, and moving anywhere means paying a shitload of money we don't have and doing a shitload of work to pack up to go somewhere where either the rent or the commute is going to be even worse!


birdie wing e7 

I still love that eve's strategy is

"hit dingers. just fuckin' mash it."

watching a stream where the chat rules include no swearing and having to physically restrain myself from responding to someone saying "goodness gracious" with "ass is bodacious"

sexual politics misinfo 

the reason women's jeans have useless pockets in the front is a patriarchal plot to keep women from putting their hands all the way into the pockets and masturbating whenever they feel like it

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