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Set up a Minecraft realm for the kid and friends, and one of them just described my first night base cut into a hill as "efficient dad style." The shade!

"Hey cool back piece, you must have a high pain threshold."

- "Nope, I just needed naps and this was the only way I could get them."

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Not sure if I want another tattoo, or if I just want multiple multi-hour sessions of lying perfectly still and focusing on breathing.

Maybe I should keep this, move it somewhere more worky like, and set up an alt where I just go hogwild with bad opinions and parent jokes.

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On the one hand, setting up a single-user Pleroma instance was fun, and it's cool to finally use a domain name I've been sitting on for years. On the other, do I really wanna migrate off here to a ghost town and commit to maintaining it?

Moldova answering the question nobody asked about what a PWEI/Saw Doctors mashup infringing the Ramones' copyright would sound like.

Australia's total creative budget going on its Eurovision entry this year is why Silksong was delayed.

"Not sure you have a name, so I will call you Keith"

"Yikes is that some sort of weird Xian Ash Wednesday smudge thing? Oh phew it's just a forehead tattoo." is a thought I just had.

Flipper zero first impressions... 

Got to play with my for the first time just now, kindof a mixed bag but the potential is definitely there:

- doesn't have full support for my building fob yet, but reads it and other NFC cards perfectly well (no joy getting Amiibo dumps working tho)
- IR emulation also good, a full library of remotes available for upload
- USB rubberducky was fun, makes me appreciate using Qubes as a daily driver! (Altho probably not as safe as all that if you've ever enabled USB keyboard support.)

Looks like for full mayhem you need to build and flash a forked version of the shipped firmware, might give that a go this weekend.

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SecureDrop 2.3.2 has been released. This release adds support for Tails 5.0 to your Journalist and Admin Workstations:

Been listening to Disco: Elysium's loading music for 5 mins now. Starting to think they made it so good because they knew that save files would randomly fail to load half the time and they wanted players to be chill about it.

What has N grasping appendages and also N tickets to see Molchat Doma this weekend that they bought in November and promptly forgot about? This entity!

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Here's something I've been helping out with for the past couple weeks.

Freedom of the Press Foundation has launched a membership program. You can connect with a community of defenders of Press Freedom and also get SWAG.

I can guarantee the swag is top notch. Wearing my extra soft (and stylish!) FPF hoodie right now.

Not to brag too much, but I designed this logo and now you get to wear it.

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SecureDrop is available in 21 languages, thanks to volunteer translators. Do you speak a language other than English? We're always looking for additional volunteers. See this overview by our friends at Localization Lab to get started:

Hey! FPF is hiring for a newsroom support engineer, the role I started in way back when:

(Feel free to message if you have questions.)


For once I'm just barely ahead of the stampede to another system. Feels good, entity.

I was told there would be lively discourse.

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If you try to tweet a link to, this is the error message you'll get. Their Twitter account is suspended. What did they do that's so objectionable? They published 269GB of law enforcement data, known as #BlueLeaks -- the foundation of hugely important investigative reporting on police in the United States.

DDoSecrets does have an official Mastodon account now: @ddosecrets

The authenticity of the account is confirmed here:

CC: @FediFollows


the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: