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I made the foolish mistake of watching Kane Pixels' Backrooms videos on Youtube because its cool but oh god that's a different kind of fear

Going to see if I can organize a 4 day weekend for me. I've been burning it at both ends for several weeks getting this project done.

Oops stayed up until the birds started...

Characters in first person games don't blink.

This all staff meeting is absolutely terrible

My boss: "Take some days off"


Oh my god I hope I can get rid of my old bike this weekend its taking up so much space.

So far I have seen only complaints about the Dell Precision 5000whatever laptops, and I didn't like the one work gave me either

I found a picture of this creative way I jammed this NIC in here without the proper bracket....

When I want a boss to make a decision: "Yeah I'd like a couple levels of permission to keep this data migration going and spend and additional ~$30k"

If its live music, you'll never hear it again, and likely are too high/drunk/both to remember which songs, but just remember that one time at the club that was just bliss.

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Sometimes you just want to live in that moment when a DJ cross fades into another song and you get this blend of 2 songs that weren't meant to be joined but is absolutely amazing together.

Needed to get this under control before it got worse

Taking over lead for a very large project at work for a couple weeks and I'm just dreading the hundreds of meetings next week.

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