@Laika they create a live visual of how many make the choice though

@shyra Intel X520 NICs can be had for really cheap and they are really solid

I had to reboot my Home Assistant server and I had to do the intensely arduous task of having to get up and turn on my fan.

I've been testing various airtag detection apps on my Samsung and am extremely amused that so far none of them have detected the airtags right next to me.

I want a nicer drone but wtf am I going to do, just take video of my disgusting meat husk

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it hurts a lot having a hobby (drones) that none of my friends (all of like 5) are into.

Sure as hell seems like having an abusive mother means physically fighting her in my nightmares for the rest of my life

Dall-E draws… Metaph?? 

@Metaph its become too powerful


@shyra LOL now you have to use spreadsheets of some kind

So many people I know straight up forgot what its like to _not_ have someone supporting them in life.

@Metaph Its fine for editing config files remotely on a server but when I'm on the desktop I use a normal GUI text editor

with how much Squeenix makes on fantasias alone they can afford to hire a team to engineer a solution to implement instanced housing and the physical hardware needed.

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"To accommodate housing demand, we're ignoring everyone and not making instanced housing."

@chris this was mid-covid so it was docked most of the time, but the butterfly keyboard was driving me insane

@chris oh nooo. I asked for any Mac when I first started because the Dell Precision shit laptops they gave us are atrocious

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