I'm watching the documentary Hackers again because of how accurate it portrays computer usage.

@hax I've never seen it before. Is it on a particular streaming service?

@hankg I am not sure. I think I saw it on Netflix in the long ago. I haven't resubbed for a long time. I just have a bluray rip.

@hax Its depiction of server rooms was super on-point, almost Kubrick-esque in its realistic attention to detail. I work on server software, I’d know.

@vy that's how all the datacenters I work in look like. Skateboarding into the room is mandatory.

@vy actually I just remembered in like 2005 the company I worked at was a block away from the colo so we'd ride those Razor scooters in haha

@hax Oh yeah my company has scooter racks all around the office

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