How to Prevent Amazon From Reviewing Your Alexa Convos:

Step 1: Don't buy an Alexa device.

@hax Step 2: Don't visit anyone that has an Alexa device.
Step 3: Don't invite people over with Alexa enabled devices.

@caleb Step 4: go on the a vigilante hunt house by house eradicating all alexa devices

@hax @caleb This is going to be one of those lists where step 10 is like "Unite the newly-enfranchised dolphins in a voting bloc and take control of the Food & Drug Administration", isn't it...

@lukesci @caleb Step 37: Meld with the newly formed hive mind so that individual thought is meaningless

@hax one of my friends got one of these things as a gift. Got to watch out for those too.
(It's sitting on a shelf, still in the sealed box)

@hax Step 2 : propose self-hosted intelligence if needed.

@hax Here's how

Step 0: Don't buy an Alexa device.
Step 1: When invited to someone's house, always check if there's an Alexa device, by ordering random expensive shit. It would encourage people to get rid of their Alexa devices (or to stop inviting you, either way, you're achevieng your goal).

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