Such a large amount of friends I've known for years just suddenly stopped talking to me recently, so I've been wondering what the fuck I did to become so disposable, and I guess I was wrong about being friends. Its the kind of thing that pushes my suicidal ideation to its limits.

Just using the weather thing to figure the display out. Still a few ideas on how I want to use these, since the Pi zero uses so little energy

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Epaper with the pi zero w. I don't know why it's doing the weird text positioning. I'm using an example project so...

I try to fix my sleep schedule somewhat and wake up at 1 AM anyway, wide awake. kill me

Ok was not expecting the rpi zero to be this small. I had no sense of scale...

I was up for about 3 days and had maybe 4 hours of sleep. How are you?

It usually makes me want to jump off a bridge so it ends up being healthy if it repeats.

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heh I end up forgetting to unmute a lot of people when they start gushing about their partners...

- It now draws 1 amp

- I needed to put a heatsink on the power regulator

- I found a raspberry pi case I wasn't using and its the perfect size.

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My small glowing crystal pit on my desk. Want to make a better enclosure for it but this is mostly what I was looking for

Hmm would be fun to make enclosures for some of this out of lego.... There's a store at teh mall here hmmmmmmm

I need to find some way to diffuse it. the LEDs have a kind of narrow cone

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