I feel that bath robes are severely underrated in our time

I'm basically having full on panic attacks and writhing in anxiety almost every night...

who wants to come over and help me move everything around in my apartment

Like, I need to rearrange my bedroom and most of the bike garage, I mean datacenter, I mean living room.

the TrueNAS host I built has SSD and RAM cache so it might actually get up to 10 gigabit to another host

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I just spent the last 7 hours configuring a new network switch and now have 10 gigabit to all the clients and 40 gigabit to the storage hosts

Skipped end of Metroid Prime 1 because I've played through that a lot more times and now playing through 2. I only played through this maybe once.

Sleeping is getting hard as it gets closer but at least I know I will be able to sleep as loooooong as I need to.

*Sees MMO*

Oh you have to be human? Boring.

In the office today and there are actual people here this is weird

90% of this meeting is quoting adages...

I want a bike computer with cadence now…

Someone thought they could spread FUD about windows TPM requirements for 11. In my FC channel I created for tech. We had the TPM scare mongering years ago

“It finally helped my depression!” Yeah fuck you I’m trapped in this until I die.

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