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Seems like I'll be over at now. For those interested that would be where my whinging has been relocated.

This video gave me yet another great song recommendation. I love video editing like this

If you see a follow from that would be me

Had a feeling it was coming. Going to need to migrate to another instance. Any recommendations on ones with interesting names with decent federation?

The innermost part of the sun, the second-third to the fourth pole place, and the right side of the moon’s orbit

I'll care more about passenger jets and their carbon footprint when we begin closing coal fired power plants.

ok replacement pair of headphones are functional

Left can was rattling when at medium volume like the diaphragm was damaged.

also the headphones I ordered came in defective, so thats not helping. I am incredibly livid.

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Having to be "professionally angry" with someone, basically regarding a situation that we are facing and not at the actual people who are communicating, is one of the most exhausting social interactions ever.

Sims 4 werewolf pack has been massively amusing so far.

Friend of mine started FFXIV relatively recently but has not yet learned its not like WoW and you should actually NOT create a fuckton of alts if you want to stay sane.

Sims 4 werewolves pack is hilarious. Scary part is that I know people who act really similarly in real life

Haha Closer is playing in Sizzle Pie and it's amusing

It's such a fashionable diagnosis these days

I don't want to be mean to Greg he's just misunderstood

"organic growth behind the water heater"is not something I want to hear from my apartment complex management. They are fixing it though and going to clean it back to how I had it done.

My capacitors have 2 hours to arrive before the "before 10:30" shipping is a falsehood

hahahah I somehow only ordered 1 of the 4 capacitors I needed from digikey. At least overnight AM on this is inexpensive for 4 tiny capacitors

“Life is worth living” is such a fucking lie

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