I have to keep de-blacklisting Facebook every time I have to interact with their recruiting system...

Ok itd be a ridiculous amount of pay, but it'd be working for bookface, and in the middle of fucking nowhere


to zombo com

this is zombo com

i go to red lobster and ask what other color lobster they got

Hmmm job lead on a position at Bookface....


You know its bad if I put it behind a CW

Someone was trying to strangle me, wouldn't wake up, couldn't fight.

Woke up shaking eventually.

Someone go pick up boba for me I will pay you and let you pet my cat.

I'm having too much fun integrating "we need to just strike a balance..." in every meeting

Excited for another Stargate series, but will be disappointed if its another Stargate: 90210 like Universe was.

I need to trade my bike for a lighter road one.

My team is likely never doing a "Return to office" and being 100% remote. I love it.

Need to commission Spork artwork showing that they are a cyborg.

I am so tired of being in apartments I just want to stop moving around and have a house for long term

2nd dose of 5G nanomachines I should be growing my antenna horns soon.

*casually walks in the room carrying a couple billion transistors*

This is from yesterday alone; this is going to be an ongoing project

Bingo squares so far:

You're muted!
Car driving through office
Children screaming
Phone vibrating on desk
Aggressive Typing
Extremely loud mouse click
Dog barking or whining
Cat jumps into camera frame

I need some conference call bingo cards updated for 2020

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