TFW when seeing people happy and it throws your depression into sharp relief.

My apathy has definitely taken an unscheduled leave of absence...

Analog audio is just like anti aliased sound...

Dark internet give me the The Dark iOS

My dreams last night were set in a apocalypse in progress where the laws of physics started failing. I'll leave your imagination to paint that picture. It was REALLY compelling though, fascinating too.

iOS Patch Notes: Custom fonts installable and usable in your favorite apps"

Me: Time to install Times New Bastard

I got distracted by my cat and tracked mud everywhere. You want to be cool like me.

Even though I'm imagining it, the rage is visceral.

Ever just imagine verbally ripping the shit out of someone because they're horrible?

Yeah just had like a 30 minute one about my fuckhead mom.

Hax relayed

the new thinkpads have moved away from the ultra-slim trend in favor of a thicker, cuter aesthetic.

Reminiscing about the time I sliced my finger with my knife while trying to remove a zip tie at like 3 AM after a 20 hour day.

Then, the next day, dropped a really heavy datacenter floor tile on it. Started bleeding profusely.

The blood sacrifice was complete so there were few problems after that. There's some of mine under that platform if they haven't reworked that floor.

I hate existing. The only thing keeping me in this shit existence is my cat. I don't serve a purpose otherwise.

Also, when I am asking the fucking VA what address it is to the local office I'm going to, the wrong fucking answer is "just Google it it keeps changing."

So its either power bill, cable bill, or tooth extraction.

I am livid.

Payroll always moves SO SLOW. I won't get paid enough to do shit for 3 weeks anyway, and I think my sense of taste is being fucked with.

If this happened like 15 days later when my insurance kicks in that would have been fantastic.

FUCK. Its $400 down to get the root canal, or $200 or just pull the tooth.

Dental schools have a long wait.

I have no idea what to do.

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