Something that bugs me about 3D printing is the sheer volume of plastics being released into the environment. I may be overthinking it. Its another reason I would prefer a CNC mill for wood/aluminum.

I wouldn't trust these things to be boat anchors lest they suddenly achieve buoyancy

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Have to actually go into the datacenter today but its to set up hardware for a huge data migration project to get data off ancient hardware I want to go office space on.

My favorite way of saying any kind of drug has started taking effect is 'vtec just kicked in'

The PTSD nightmares where I'm being pursued are a trip. I miss sleeping normally.

Laughing at the tech people from CA/OR/WA who thought moving to Austin was a good idea.

"Weed strains are like "smells of banana with a slightly nutty note" my brother in christ it smells like weed

IPA breweries will describe their beer as "a citrusy and bright barley flavor with a floral finish!" and the IPA tastes like tap water that sat on your dresser for so long it developed an anti-predator warding mechanism

I am giving this engineer I'm working with, and the random dude on craigslist I am so hopeful to sell my bike to, 30 more minutes before I fuck off an have a deep nap.

Pain, depression, anxiety, must be a day ending in y.

Went to return an amazon order through Kohls and they printed a $5 coupon for the return for me to use in the store, and it was worth it to know I fucked up a data point and didn't use the coupon to buy something else.

also when the bass drops just as something you've been working on suddenly begins functioning

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the the fuck is the point of having a clicky keyboard unless you use it as a drumbeat to whatever music you're listening to

pretty cool that any time you see a tesla driving near you, you and everyone else around you has potentially been drafted into a beta test for lethal self driving technology for the sole benefit of a private company’s quarterly reports

*buys new hat*

*straps get immediately stuck in piercings*


I took over a friend's Blizzard account long ago and he had a undead character named Laurapalmer and I only now get the joke 10 years later.

Took some clonazepam earlier because tomorrow I have an important meeting and I'm just like -_-

And VTEC just kicked in

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