Hax relayed
Hax relayed

I like how I was supposed to meet a coworker at the office to do something, only to sit at my desk and see he canceled on everyone at 8 PM last night. You know, when I leave my laptop at home?

Worked out fine because I overslept.

Throwing this out there. Anyone know of an android app that will forward any text message received on it to another number? Need to temp carry a work phone. Want to use my Nexus 6P for the work SIM

ok this place is cool but I am tired of buying weed and then having to re-trim it myself.

Ohhh gods I’m at the gate to fly out. I miss my bed.

Captain America and a Hydra agent are talking. " Iron man and Silver Surfer are teaming up. They’re alloys now."

Like if I wasn't trans this would bother me but I just walk on with my Charlize Theron's "murder walk" and its really effective.

Have a face mask on in and getting hilarious looks.

In the airport and anxiety pills have kicked in

Can I just mainline my anxiety meds because, dayum.

AAAAA I fly out thursday. Just for the day, 10 AM in, 10 PM out.

Ugh I wish they would give me flight info. Really getting irritated by my job.

Need to replace the provider for one of my cell numbers. thinking tmobile.

Up at 1 AM and crying, a weekly ritual I didn't ask for.

Can't I just sleep the whole weekend

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