I need to get some Rpi Picos. They just look like a lot of fun to mess with

I wonder if I make video callers uncomfortable because I look directly into my camera instead of making "eye contact"

I hate doing the I need to speak with your manager talk but when my disability insurance case worker barely calls back I do have to get serious.

The Zone of the Enders soundtracks are among the most underrated albums ever

Aw yeah dysphoria nightmares now garnished with 'fuck I forgot a mask' and childhood trauma.

Going to have to figure out how to move to a new apartment while injured.

"printed" to PDF off the site, put a big white box over the text, exported as TIFF, then 'printed' to PDF. Completely rasterized.

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It took way too long to redact my nonrelevant medical history out of this PDF I'm sending to the insurance company...

How long are you supposed to soak a cast iron pot before putting it in the dishwasher?

Ugh accepted letter at future company finally after them delaying it all December. I'm stressed out though since I need the previous company's short term disability to pull through before next Friday. AAAAAAAAAA

the damn MOSFETs on this tube amp get fucking hot, but they are making enough voltage for this tube o.O

Really tired of people going “oh but I love your voice!” to me and other trans people when they say they hate their voice. It hits the same to me like “Oh but I love how you limp along!” with my disability.

This is a perfectly normal horse I demand to speak with your manager

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Let’s be honest every year is the year of the dragon, actually

I need to stop agreeing to 7 AM appointment times...

Since I don't get them anymore I got myself a nice gift. Nope. Not telling what it is.

Trying to figure out how me and my fucked up knee are going to pick up a heavy package at the apt office.

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