On seeing the throwback NASA logo: "Oh worm?"

Love being in a perpetual state of "screwed over."

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I'm getting really tired of living through major historical events.

Me, sitting contorted in my chair: "Why can't I type?"

I want to play with him and I am SO. BORED.

Going to deliver Fallout 76 files for a friend because its going to take him 72 hours over his satellite connection. Its doesn't take me long because Comacarp keeps upgrading my internet for free.

wouldn't exactly be @Home though unless someone has one for some reason

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I wonder if Folding@Home could be ported to D-Wave

I think I've burnt out my ability to go get groceries every few days

I am SO bored. This means my dysphoria makes me eye my switchblade and contemplate removing these manually.

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I propose that we pronounce LGBT as "algae bluetooth". Thank you for your consideration. I am not taking comments at this time.

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I need to go somewhere I can see the milky way at night for a night or 2.

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I'll just cry myself to sleep. No reason to be awake.

So I've sat at my desk crying or doing so to sleep.

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