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Ahhhhh its nice not getting my hair stuck in my earring thread thing

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Getting them custom anodized to purple!

One of these days I'll start gaging it

At a piercing place getting captured beads put back in my lobes. Lost one of the threaded things in my left one. My hair will thank me

We're talking about job shit and its just stressing me out.

Oh snap I have access to another development lab. This is getting serious business

I think I need to get captured bead hoops put back into my lobes. The screws keep popping off these ones.

Their NICs on that VLAN have the same MAC so it just rolls over when I pause one and the other picks up.

I'm too lazy to figure out why pfsense's UPnP bullshit or whatever NAT to work with Splatoon 2 so I switch routing VMs over to Unbound.

I really need to get the fuck out of this complex.

Excellent I got what I needed from coworker who was super helpful and now I can dominate the world (or just the IXIA appliance)

And I can't leave work on time today because I need to use a different ridiculously expensive piece of hardware and physically move a server

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every time your computer boots the processor wakes up thinking it's 1978 and the bootloader and kernel have to work together to gently coax it back to reality

Sometimes I feel tremendously alien being asexual/aromantic. I just don't feel things like other people.

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Turns out that joint was laced with ipecac and Sriracha. It's called Toilet Guitar.

Ohhhhhh those songs that reminds you of friends/acquaintances I somehow fucked up relations with.

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furreh. elbow pain, loving clip studio when I'm able to use it, learning in short bursts, though it or my computer is a bit buggy at times. TENS unit on my arm & I really should be resting it, maybe I'll be able to coast on thus progress for a while & rest!

Wooooow haven’t seen this name in a long time