Para-social means you only talk about parachutes, right?

Frankly, all my relationships are para-social

We've got a 3d printer at work, and i'm always suprised how much we actually use it for making proper useful things. I've made spanners, test jigs and tools for our factory, and we've made spacers, customer washers and installation posts for high voltage batteries.
Despite (or because of) my background in makerspaces, i've previously thought of them as mainly making toys, tchotchkes and dumb ornaments, but i'm totally convinced by them as a proper grown-up tool now.

We already made the poor old fucker walk round his house to make cash, then killed him through government incompetence, seems pretty harsh to give him the clap now too

Get you someone who looks at you like the makers of Shrek look at a 90s compliation album they found in a bin.

One of the particular reasons I like Ada Palmer's books of that you can choose your own nation, but it's *not geographically based*. You can have totally different values, rules and laws to your neighbour, or friends or even people in your immediate family, and you get to choose, and change your nation if it sucks or your own values change.

Different social networks and communication mediums are for different things and that's ok

If my wife calls Marx a totalitarian in these psychology training slides she's making, I am going to kick off*

*By kick off, I mean read all three volumes of das kapital at her

(Update: turns out it was something to do with his analysis of hierachy, so we're all good)

I keep making super garlic roasted peanuts, bit the best bits are always the bits of crunchy baked garlic, dunno why I just don't do a kilo of that instead

AHH, that sweet sweet tension when my ADHD meds kick in. Time to add some brown noise, drum and bass and throw my phone down a well and maybe I'll catch up with myself...

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It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

"The basic problem that GameStop is revealing in our economy writ large is that as a society, we are increasingly putting our time, energy, capital and talent we could use to build fun or useful things into gambling or acquiring market power."
Matt Stoller

HT means Heat treated.
DB means de-barked.
These ones are ok to burn.
HT is the standard pallet treatment, but if in doubt, walk on by!

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Quick tip on burning pallets: if they have "MB" on their label that means they have been treated with Methyl Bromide. Do not burn them, they are fucking toxic

Good science fiction is about positing a new technology or social order and exploring how it could go wrong.

this thought was brought to you by my burning desire to set fire to the absolute fucking skidmark that keeps stealing my glass recycling bin

Top Tip: for a refreshing change to your bike ride, why not soak your saddle in water and freeze it. As you heat up, it's a source of direct core cooling!
Brought to you by the sub zero northern temperatures and my lack of a covered place to park my bike

I just realised that the bullying of kids at school about "ankle hangers", really short trousers that didn't cover your shoes properly, was an thing against poor kods with families that couldn't afford to buy new trousers each time the kid grew out of them.
god, I'm so fucking dense

Ever since the whole Ellis thing i have a list of people i look up to that i'm terrified will be utter utter bastards
*fucking frankly, any of you, don't be a bastard

i should probably log off the internet, drink some water and go to sleep.
/gets more beer and peanuts and scrolling

Everyone's gone home, it's just me now
see you on the internet


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