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parent alpha currently struggling with Microsoft Word freezing when opening a 20 page document with 5 lines of accidentally pasted binary spam

plenty of RAM and CPU available. flagship dell business laptop. word is simply just, not responding
it takes 1 keystroke per minute
parent is currently trying to delete the offending text at a rate of 1 char per minute
it's going very slowly

check yourself. that's all i ask literally please check yourself

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here's the hot take and i'm not convinced y'all are ready for this 

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white supremacy? in _your_ posts? it's more likely then you think
[free pc check]

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no image desc 

I must add that the German regulations regarding e-bikes is nuts. They're even more draconian than the Swiss! And don't get me started on what is practically a ban of electric skateboards in Germany.

I guess a vehicle must emit some combination of CO2 and nitrogen oxide, otherwise it won't see any approval of the state.

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I propose "makin biscuits" as a new colloquialism for "I'm happy/loved", in reference to the squeezy paws cats do when they're content

even if this only catches on with cat furries, I'll be satisfied

ok #swoletariats I realized that I need to do way more cardio, it's time to switch gears from getting jacked to being able to sprint a mile
anybody got cardio a gal can do in her room

i just wanna analyze some programs okay
i'm getting dangerously into "rewrite this academic memeware except actually good" territory

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like first of all
i shouldn't be running into issues of architectures being unsupported in 2020 tbh
use one of the IRs that's out there like c'mon. i know vex ir sucks but like, you should still use it instead of writing your own assembly lifters by hand which appears to be useless work that's manually redone for every academic tool that's out there

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i hate how the state of the art in program analysis is basically
- half-baked academic memeware
- stuff you'll literally never know about unless you work for fuckin forallsecure or something

Without going to change anything:
-Do you currently have in your bio or pinned toots in which country (not state or region, *country*) you reside?
-Do you live in the USA?

definitely do not go on a fuckin 20 post reply chain. it's a fucking shithead. they're just going to continue being bad. nothing good can possibly come out of continuing to reply. please just like, block and move on. don't fucking engage

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dunno like general PSA there are shitheads on this website
and tbh
don't engage. literally just don't. it's not worth it. protect your mental health, hit the block, forget about it

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