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GNOME is very aggressive with the focus stealing blocker which means sometimes it blocks applications taking focus even when that's what you intended but on the other hand i've never had random windows-style issues with focus being taken out from under you on GNOME which is honestly nice

If you're a journalist

And you're writing a story about a data leak or whatever

If you include the phrase, "the unethical but currently legal practice of targeted advertisement" to describe the cause

I'll make it worth your while

fuck 👏 copyright 👏 law 👏 in 👏 the 👏 us

what my parents think I do: :blobcatmegumin:
what society thinks I do: :blobcatscience:
what my boss thinks I do: :blobcatprofit:
what I want to do: :blobcatsleep:
what I actually do: :blobcatghostdead:

terminal software PSA 

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terminal software PSA 

hmmm what if instead of just hypothesizing random vibe check bot features i actually wrote vibe check bot

hmmm vibe check bot feature:

analyzes all public media and runs it through a neural network to detect that classic chansite drawing style

summoning haskal 

subtooting on main 

also also if i know you and you want access even though it doesn't have a lot of stuff yet send me a dm :blobcat:

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fuck plex out here we run ✨🦈 jellyfin 🦈✨

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