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:blobcatsleep: zz time

(it's still super enbyphobic that i can't have cat ears tbh)



>It has the distinction of currently being one of the largest and most active binary newsgroups on all of Usenet, typically receiving tens of gigabytes of new data and over a million new postings each day, yet almost nothing is known of its origins or why it is so popular.

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and the talk page

>Some usenet group names have long been a deeply impenetrable culture of secrecy and geek/nerd obscurity, and this newsgroup is a prime example. The word bonelesswas probably someone's idea of a joke that somehow managed to take off as the top binary group on usenet, rather than merely dying in no-post obscurity.

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this is all i have, courtesy of wikipedia

>Typically, newsgroup names are functional in that the name is meant to serve as a guideline as to what type of content can be found in the newsgroup. However, boneless is completely irrelevant, and this appears to hold true as a description of the content, which can include ...

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one of my random perpetual useless mysteries is who named alt.binaries.boneless and like WHY

was boneless a thing before the boneless pizza thing?? what was it intended to mean??? why did you name that place boneless?? what was going through your head when you typed in that name????

i rly need some answers tbh

The way to gender me correctly is to run screaming in terror when I enter a room.

i swear i will hecking root the universe and allow everyone to be able to mod themselves some cat ears

slightly lb:

the fedi helped me actually admit i'm enby
which was pretty cool i think

Coming up, my new reality TV show: Help, I Joined The Fediverse And Now I've Turned Into A Girl

i can't tell if i would like cybernetic cat ears or actual bioengineered cat ears more

cyb aesthetic, vs, real aesthetic,

Our server cluster has reached its destination... soon to be setup with 24 #RockPro64 boards. Should be running our infrastructure in the New Year. :)

also heck it's past midnight and i haven't actually done anything useful


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okay so can unprivileged containers just not net.ipv4.ip_forward

that's slightly disappointing

subtoot time 

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