screenreader unfriendly 

dunno mayb it would be good to take a break from fedi for a bit
it's doing the thing that mainstream social media does to ppl who are big sad and like

kinda vague 

@trashcat i just made a throwaway github account
then it got memed
then i sent snark to support and they un-memed it

coffee shops that give discounts for customers who bring their own containers are the freaking best tbh.

if any of y'all are visiting Bandung sometime then I 100% recommend Sepenuhatikopi at Serayu street.

i need help lol

(define-values [in out] (make-pipe 4096))
(write 10 out)
(read in)

does Not Work the read hangs forever

@lethalbit yeah so what i assume happened here is this is kind of a newish set of torrents and i think whoever the original seeder is is just getting overloaded by everyone wanting the last hecking 2% of the file at the same time
once at least 1 other node gets the hecking file it'll resolve itself quickly

but like i think if yr releasing torrents you should probably like privately seed to a couple of high bandwidth seedboxes before going public...

does nobody on this hecking planet that's online have the rest of the file :angery: :angery:

free (cc0) catpcha idea! 

free (cc0) catpcha idea! 

$ rm ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso~

alright we are temporarily in the clear :blobcat:

unlike certain poorly coded operating systems, on linux you literally don't notice that you ran out of disk space unless you actively try to write a file

which is cool i guess
currently in firefox and i imagine all the browser cache writes and stuff are failing and nobody cares and it continues working as usual

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