i'd put it

it's not going to hurt you if the recruiter doesn't know something you put there

haskal resume:

skills: anything i personally find fun can be learned very quickly

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@wxcafe @KitRedgrave @ky0ko that'd be one hell of a kickstarter reward

"exclusive control over an invalid IP of your choice"

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free software is really fun when you have pretty much unlimited server space and a business class internet connection

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Mastodon, know for its extremist ideologies such as (looks at paper more closely) being nice, making friends, punching nazis

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PSA: xfinitywifi access points don't actually block things that don't look like DNS on UDP port 53 :)

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gotta love how anti-virus software for windows are basically just rootkits that you trust to kill other rootkits and please not to anything else bad
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I'm two dependency levels deep in patching stuff to make OIDC login work in Plume

so basically this is never ever making it upstream but whatever

holy SHIT rust is so much more comfy for this

tired: if err != nil { return nil, err }

wired: ?

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