also update on this:

friend stole ops because my work machine somehow dropped off the face of the network and disconnected from irc all of a sudden so they impersonated my nick (because we don't have nickserv either lol) and then told my bots (which were previously opped via the me) to re-op "me"

gg :angery:

mh - 

FOSS projects actually have documentation challenge 2 0 1 9

@ivy okay so, i looked at the code and there's a
i think you can just make a custom/public/css/theme-abc.css and then set DEFAULT_THEME in app.ini

again idk why this isn't documented :angery:

haskal :nonbinary_flag: relayed
haskal :nonbinary_flag: relayed

@ivy for some reason they don't tell you how to make your own themes but there's a way to override static files in general
i think you should just be able to override index.css and add whatever

[haskal takes off the server maid costume]

okay the sysadmin nonsense is actually done now

haskal :nonbinary_flag: relayed

every time I read a hackernews comment complaining about ThE KiDs I take pride in making them angry by existing

quick reminder 

oh wait i should probably actually upgrade gitea itself

okay let's maybe break gitea again

welp and i also broke gitea temporarily

but that's it now
upgrade time is done :blobcat:

running server updates with no backups yeet

one of the things that really gets me about Keycloak is how it's basically its own openid connect provider
so basically you can use keycloak as IAM for _itself_
honestly wild

i should really upgrade my hypervisor to debian buster but also

probably not until i actually go home for thanksgiving because if the upgrade gets hecked then i'll be hecked

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