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@pixikamesei yeah this basically

i see we apparently read the same random rantpost lol
i forget where it was though

basically C was a mistake
C++ was also a mistake but at least you can actually do stuff in C++, kind of, sometimes,

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@pixikamesei and then it calls into __(read|write)_once_size which does a forced volatile memcpy
and this is like dozens of lines of code specifically made for _fighting the compiler_ because when you forget to READ_ONCE and WRITE_ONCE you really actually get screwed over

honestly like i have some sympathy for xilinx forgetting tbh
but also fuck xilinx

lb sorry i had to boost this because yeah
this is the reaction lol

if you ever want to know everything wrong with C go see linux's READ_ONCE and WRITE_ONCE

it's, art,,,,

oops fuck i have like
40ish hours before this pair project for the class where i am paired with a rando instead of iitalics ( :blobcatsob: ) that i am entirely 100% carrying on my own is due and aaaaa
ok i should sleep so i can actually do that

one day the fuckin you-do-it electronics out here is going to suffer the same fate as radio shack and i'm going to be very sad

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i hate that Bezos Site is legit the only way to get some stuff
avoiding Bezos Site is a hecking pain the the ass and i will continue doing it for as much as i can but aaaaa
i think eventually Bezos Site will just consume everything and there will be no other place to get stuff

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