tbh an account move was kinda coming for a while. this account having been unlocked for so long before i locked it and having such a gigantic audience was kinda not super great for me

it's not just because of the like lack of moderation that has been happening recently on here


so yeah send me a follow req on @haskal if you want. there's a bunch of follows i sent out from there to sort of soft migrate already

if we're mutuals on here i'd really appreciate if we could be mutuals on there :dragnmlem:

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if u don't wanna be mutuals on the new account i'm probably going to unfollow in a few days

like it doesn't mean i don't like you and you're still free to send follow at any time but i kinda don't wanna parasocialize interactions that i assumed weren't

@haskal ooh! i hope you don't mind one from me~ ^^

(and good luck with the move..!)

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