@haskal Car and oil companies hate this one cool trick

@Basic_Bench @haskal don’t tell them most us and uk train services run on oil

@moiety @Basic_Bench or indirectly on coal

but the point of the meme is to demonstrate that trains take up a relatively small amount of space for their high transport capacity. also even when running on fossil fuels trains are vastly more efficient than cars due to carrying more people at once and the low rolling friction of rails

@moiety @Basic_Bench @haskal

yes, but they transport MUCH more people, they don’t have to stop at traffic lights, don’t get into traffic jams, and train tracks are more efficient in terms of friction.
So the fuel cost and amount of emissions per person is much less in most situations :)

Also, trains are much easier to electrify. A lot of European countries are doing this (or already have), as well as some US states. Electric locomotives already exist and are commercially viable, while electric cars are very much still in development and not available to most people. (Not to mention the infrastructure for them and the time it takes for the majority of people to switch to electric cars)
Also, there’s just much less locomotives than cars.

Same story with buses btw. Also, high quality and cheap public transport is much more friendly to poor/marginalized people who can’t afford a car, and better for disabled people who can’t drive

Dieses Bild ist so alt wie falsch: da je nach Fahrgeschwindigkeit mehr oder weniger viel Sicherheitsabstand hinzukommt, verstopft der Individualverkehr deutlich mehr Platz als eine Buslänge.

@fraggle @haskal

Ja ich mein... das ist ja wohl ein Schas... kann man ja nicht vergleichen!!!!

Beim Bus stehen die Leute längs, und bei den Autos quer!!!1einself

@fraggle @haskal two buses would be more realistic, while still saving space. I take public transports for almost 3 hours every day, and I'd switch to buying a car if the bus was as crowded as in this picture.

@fraggle @haskal in other words, this picture is really bad PR for public transportation...

@jean_baptiste @fraggle @haskal thats a big bus, idk. Where I'm at our busses seat like 30 people unless theres a bunch of wheelchairs, but if thats a long bus or a double length bus then 50-60 is probably not crowded.

@fraggle @haskal
wormholes are way better than buses, no co2 emission and you can transport anything to galaxies away...

@haskal you can even have 100 passengers per hour on a single track

@haskal J-just... Just one more lane, bro. It's not carbrain, it's necessary, it's...

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