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For me the music sounded off without the snail sound effects hahah. This game was kind of messed up, those trees are extremely stoned and the snails are shitting everywhere
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The thing that still blows my mind to this day is I used to play this game on an 8086. Those mad lads had a smooth scrolling super Nintendo quality game running on a freaking 8086.

@mitchconner @haskal It was one of a handful of games that seriously impressed me at the time, yes. EGA/VGA video buffer management was different from that of e.g. Amiga.

Ugh, this isn't exactly my expertise. Jump in if in get it wrong.

Anyway, scrolling was managed by controlling which part of the available video buffer was shown on screen, i.e. by setting a display offset address. The way this was arranged on EGA/VGA was such that vertical scrolling was simple, ...

@mitchconner @haskal ... because you just had to change that offset. But horizontal scrolling meant copying bitmaps to the video buffer and fast!

The effect if you're not fast is a kind of tearing. You do see that in the Keen games a little, but not too badly. Other games circumvented that by e.g. simply not scrolling horizontally, but having single screen rooms, and/or severely limiting the horizontal scroll width.

The game that blew me away here, though, was the...

@mitchconner @haskal ... port of Sonic. Yes, there is tearing, but the game itself is so fast it doesn't really matter, and the whole thing feels smooth.

I have a memory that Jazz Jackrabbit was also very good at this. 🤔

Anyhow, horizontal scrolling was hard on PC.

I know someone ported Sonic to commodore 64 recently but I never heard of it being on DOS

@haskal this is the best video I've ever watched ❤️

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