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free software is a psyop no one needs such thing a license all it does is by default enable corporations to steal your work

idk you but in the middle of my #foss life picking a license was an important point of 'starting a project', it was implicitly unclean to publish code that wasn't under a well chosen free and fsf approved license

what's a free license? a set of rights to everyone. except no one i actually care about will read or honor this license. all it does is enable corporations to use it; with no requirement that they do anything back to me except share their source code in some conditions. and that's not enough by a lot. normalizing this as 'liberation' is fucked up

i am into lowercase free software. share sources. no license. reuse whatever you can use. it's not a problem unless you want to make a business out of it

@CobaltVelvet this happens once a decade, and the main problem is that "open source as a development strategy sold to corporations" took off massively. But that's not my interest.

Here's a reframing: do "intellectual restrictions laws" cause harm? Should govenment-granted monopolies on ideas be a core mechanism in our society?


- currently yes
- depends on who they are designed to benefit (currently it's large corporations so i would say no)

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