i was on windows right and then i tried to open apple xcode and it didn't work!!!
see windows obviously sucks


actually though isn't it weird how when apple stuff doesn't work on windows or windows stuff doesn't work on mac nobody cares
but when mac or windows stuff doesn't work on linux then everyone is super angy all of a sudden

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@haskal i'm actually super angy that a huge amount of windows stuff doesn't work on macos any more

because apple decided to unceremoniously and entirely drop the ability to run 32-bit programs from catalina onwards

@haskal there's a gigantic amount of stuff built natively for macos that doesn't work any more for the same reason

it is infuriating and exhausting

@00dani @haskal That also bricked a lot of hardware... why it's so hard for manufacturers to just recompile their old drivers as 64 bit executables... 🤷

@be @00dani @haskal Much of it can be avoided by releasing open drivers....

@haskal similarly when some "essential" app isn't available on mac people happily find a workaround or switch to some other app.

When some "essential" app isn't available on Linux it's "and that's why I don't use Linux

@klaatu @haskal I have come to the conclusion that this is because most people spent money to use macOS. So they (or at least I assume) with a more open mind due to not wanting to waste money. Where as with Linux it normally only cost them their time.

@rain @haskal @klaatu Not just about wasting money I think.
When people buy "golden HDMI cables" they need to justify the usefulness somehow or they have to admit they are just stupid.

@klaatu @haskal that's because for Mac you need to buy into the platform and that activates your sunk cost feelings

Not so weird... Steve Jobs and Bill Gates hated each other and refused to allow or support any cross platform codecs to defend their respective patches of turf...

Our choices of hardware, software and compatibility over the last 30 years has been primarily driven by the egos of half a dozen techbros... and it is still going on.

Want to federate with Facebook? Tough shit, it breaks the FB command and control structure. Want to provide services to Apple devotees... pay the apple toll.

@haskal But but Linux is supposed to have *everything*! Like, all the software you could ever want! And Wine is supposed to be super Invested magic! :D

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