systemd feature of the day

you can define a socket unit that listens on a _usb gadget function_

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also you can define a socket unit that listens on a fifo which is a thing i'm actually doing

@00dani so on computers with usb client drivers you can make it act like virtual usb devices
linux comes with a set of standard drivers for things like pretending to be a keyboard, or pretending to be a storage device, but you can also define your own custom usb driver (in userspace!!!) in combination with systemd, allowing your driver to get dynamically started xinetd-style when that usb functionality is accessed

@haskal i hope this is some accidental emergent feature and not a thing someone actually needs

@flussence would be super based and rad to create gadget usb devices on like a pi zero or something,,, with systemd,,,,

@haskal gonna get a usb stick that visually looks like a metal fork and logically looks like 127 of the worst possible devices
@haskal oh wait FUCK it is there's all that usb_modeswitch bullshit
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