⚠️ :dragnuwu: ⚠️ attention:

i made a widescreen hit da bricks (it Sucks lol i'm sorry i'm not good at the editing)

open source crispr meme stems
i'm providing this so maybe someone can fix the slightly fucked up text which i basically lifted from the original meme lol
the bg is the original bg (googlebing for "running skeleton" it's the first result lmao) which has also been poorly extended

the problem is lifting the text mostly deletes the antialiasing and idk how to re-antialias because when i run glimpse's antialias filter it does Nothing lol
if u have a better method for lifting text (or if u can just identify the original fonts so u can remake the text yourself) pls let me know,,,
also the HSL shifting of the bg is a rough approximation of the original but i didn't spend too much time trying to make it match

@haskal oh, yeah, gimp's antialias just...doesn't work for transparency
it also just sucks in general

@haskal you could, um, try to still use it with masks n stuff though!
make a layer of pure black, paste the text, run the antialias filter and use color to alpha (colors in top bar)
the, existing text is pretty crusty though, might be better to find the original fonts yeah

@david the resolution of the original is actually 1476 pixels high

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