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certified :dragnheadphones:​s imo
- trance (the regular kind, psytrance is also good but in different ways)
- 2012 dubstep
- wave

it's only trance if it's made in the trans flag region of france otherwise it's just sparkling dance music

how to make trance music in 1 minute

set it to 136 bpm
get a kick drumb and fill each 4 steps
make a sawtooth pad that somehow sounds good even when you are playing like a 10 note chord on it (????? how)
get the 303 and make a cool arpeggio pattern and make the filter go up and down slowly
sidechain compressor on the pads yknow just for fun
stack the layers
add some reverb

there's an artist called tranzLift and i am always like
?? transLift ??

@haskal when ur doing the gender and you need to extract a loop from a region of code you want to JIT

@haskal Took me a bit more than 1 minute but I followed your tutorial and it seemed to work??

@mira @haskal can we get a headphone splitter and play this and lie on the floor

@haskal @car is it sparkling gender changed music if it isn't from France?

@haskal is this that new music thing people keep talking about... i dont know if i want associate with something so close to biish island 🤮

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