a study on the most polluting cities in the world found that many of the top polluting cities are located in [spooky] c h i n a [/spooky]

(oh yeah also the most polluting cities per capita are all in the USA lol)

not to be a tankie but it seemed to be intentionally misleading

you know how US cities could be less polluting per capita???

fucking make it possible to get from anywhere to anywhere by train 24/7 and then ban cars

end to end per capita a train with a typical number of people in it is probably a thousand times more efficient than a single occupancy car

but trains r communism!!!! and neolibs are fucking deathly scared of them because of that
literally it's exactly the same as right wingers

deadass like
the only way to make trains is if they're publicly owned and that is BAD for FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY so i'd rather have muh FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY than those SCARY COMMUNIST TRAINS

also cause like freedom and democracy is when ~40% of the population counts as enough to elect orang man
cause that's fine. just good old american democracy working!!!!


rather have that than risk losing my freedom by the state owning some funny metal sticks on the ground

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