if you're a dude in tech
you should be like kornel

tech is so fucked up that when tech men act normal and reasonable i am like, :flonshed: amazing,,,

@haskal "It has no social benefit except helping end first dates fast"


@haskal @Jo The extreme pomposity of Giles Cope is just exquisite.

"I am sorry that you've lost patience with the seemingly slow rate of innovation" 🤣

@haskal idk, i don't think it's relevant that cryptocurrency is for "skirting the law"

who gives a shit about what's legal? cryptocurrency is garbage because it's immoral, not because it's barely legal

@00dani @haskal Yeah, I was going to make a similar comment that a large portion of TOR (and possibly VPN) usage is about skirting the law. But privacy is a moral right whether the government likes it or not, and buttcoin doesn't even contribute to that front.

@faoluin @haskal welcome to cryptocurrency! it's untraceable because *checks notes* there's an append-only public ledger of all transactions that burns down a forest each time a transaction is made

@00dani @haskal Don't worry about how a single country operates most of the mining, or about how anyone can gain control over the ledger just by owning 51% of the network. It's still ~~~decentralized~~~.

@haskal "This is first class discrimination".

Holy shit, the manchildish of this is too strong for me.

@haskal I also like how the person complaining have no real name, no real picture, not other contact information besides an email.

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