unfortunately mastodon still has a lot of the problems twitter does and invented some new ones for good measure

wish that people'd written fedi software unlike anything that existed before...

fedi is just exhausting for me a lot of the time and i'd rather be on twitter where a lot of the people i talk to regularly are... it's not even that fedi's bad or anything it just feels painfully empty and stale sometimes since many of the people i was close to on here in the past five years left or don't even exist on the internet anymore


@er1n for perspective tbh i think you're cool and i've always wanted to be friends but it feels like you're always absent and never want to talk
maybe masto would feel less empty if you participated more?

@haskal awww im sorry that i've been distant! that's not about u specifically though, in case you worried or sth! i just... have a hard time managing being in a Lot Of Places, particularly when they're occasionally really flaky or i have to fix them myself...

i don't wanna give up twitter because i feel like more interesting technical discussions happen there but i don't wanna Not be present here but like... splitting attention hard...

@haskal also ur like REALLY cool and it's super flattering that you wanna be friends bc i feel the same @ u. if u wanna talk to me Ever literally just dm me :3

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