remembering how in high school i was taught about the israel & palestine thing and it was very heavily pushed as a "both sides" issue, and back then i was like yeah i mean that's a tough issue, hard to tell who deserves the land y'know

and nobody told me israel was bombing hospitals and killing children. the school leaves that part conveniently out

i hesitate to say my public school education was 100% neolib propaganda but also it was absolutely 100% neolib propaganda

@haskal how will future generations learn about US drone bombings?

will anybody wonder what growing up in absolute fear of *that sound* does to someone?

or will (white) Americans just grow up wondering, "why do they hate our freedom?"?

@haskal I think the IB class had to do a thing where they presented a peace plan about Israel & Palestine

one of my friends (an avowed communist) had a plan that was to give 100% of the levant to Palestine.

This made a lot of people very angry

@haskal "it's all very confusing, we don't know who's right or wrong when we ignore half of the info. very concerning from both sides."

@haskal it also doesn't help that the bible canonically stated that god gifted them that land

when people still lived there

and they were told to just kill them all

(except the ones with iron chariots, god was having an off day with those ones)

@haskal my high school history teacher had a "free palestine" sticker on his desk

@haskal he also gave out white poppies during remembrance day and some people got mad at him

@haskal honestly this guy was a big part of my political awakening. when the curriculum was covering world war 2 he spent like two classes talking about how churchill was an awful human being

this is what education should be like tbh

@haskal i went to a private jewish school and we literally sang the israeli national anthem after the american one

learning about this way back when gave me fucking whiplash

@haskal I remember being taught about "extremism" in the US and how the black panthers were the black equivalent of the KKK. Real horseshoe theory bullshit.

@radicalrobit Me too! #aol Though to be fair, I grew up in #Oregon at the time and that state didn't legalize not being white until this millennium. So it doesn't really surprise me so much as disappoint.


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