techbros with a non-understanding of their own capitalist theory were like, damn, things rly do have value because they're scarce
and you know what's really scarce? sha256 hashes that start with a lot of zeros....

labor theory of value but it's computers doing the labor

i mean if you think about it a lot of modern jobs are pointless shit that pollutes the environment and only exists to make even bigger piles of useless funbux without being meaningful to society. computers are not the only ones

in conclusion abolish capitalism. everything is a result of people having fucked up views about "economics"

@haskal i still have not processed graeber's death. he was better than anyone else alive at conveying this to people who are otherwise alienated, and now he's gone. i don't really believe in like Great Individuals having outsized impact on history but he was still important and an immense loss.

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