@haskal @himbeer the gaying will continue until morale improves.

Please do not let morale improve.

@haskal Do you have a source for that? Just asking 'cause I'd love to slap some boomers with it

@haskal these statistics are false because it's already 69420% by now

@haskal i'm like
oh god i'm gonna be 23 in a month asuihdaiuh i'm an adult BUT ALSO A CHILD

mental health joke 

@haskal only physically

the trauma and undiagnosed neurodiversity stunted my emotional and social growth :^)

@queerloser @haskal

Many years ago a middle aged adult (over 40) told me a secret.

No one feels like an adult.

@haskal so i was looking into this on news.gallup.com/poll/329708/lg

it seems that the percentage of people who identify as gay/lesbian/transgender is not actually going up. it is the people identifying as bisexual that is sky rocking. my suspicion is that this is a mass of people who, in previous generations would have identified as straight, now feel free to explore the whole spectrum. (which is of course awesome.. im one of these bisexuals who could have been hushed straight)

@haskal LGBT levels are approaching 98% and rising!! :alert:

@haskal jesus christ this is real?!

i remember boosting this thinking it was a joke

17%?? 21%??

shit i'm gonna need to develop a personality at this point

@haskal All I'm getting from this is that I need to process the phrase "gen-z adults".

Just came to terms with the fact that elder millennials like me are adults.
@john Yes. It wasn't always so, and I've just got over the state of things as of 2000.

@wolf480pl@mstdn.io @haskal@cybre.space remember the last time you were at the hackerspace and saw our mutual friend but neither of you realized it then? that's a gen z adult and there are many such who are younger

@haskal small sample size, 99% of Gen Z are mentally still children
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