jitsi meet gang

it's secure, it's actually end to end encrypted (*cough* zoom) and it's very easy (just click on the link and you're in. no signup, no download)

@haskal it is so much better than zoom in every conceivable way it's ridiculous

tech opinions 

@sidd_harth0_5h4h @haskal it's easy to use and the sound and stability are great, yes, but it's an insane resource hog and basically spyware that constantly monitors and logs everything you do on your computer

@haskal yeah last time I turned e2e on in Jitsi my family only saw a garbled mess so I'd give that a big asterisk

probably ancient discourse i missed out on 

GG: how does zoom acquire keybase, a group specifically focused on encryption and security and all those shenanigans, and then have no e2e encryption for their video call service
GG: makes you think dot java'd peg!

@haskal every zoom user I know still wants to use zoom, though... I have no idea why

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