as a hybrid terminal and gui user i am once again asking terminal users to stop shitting on gui users
why do you have to be like this

do something better with your time than pointless gatekeeping?

i wonder if any other fields are like this

oh you use a brand X micropipette? fuck you and go die that's illegal, you have to use brand Y it's objectively better :) :)

@haskal micropipettes? real laboratorists pour it by hand and don't miss a drop.

yeah, I agree with you :/

@haskal you're using a linear collider? lmao, what a noob, get a cyclotron like us at LHC, idiot!

Reminds me of Canon vs Nikon people in photography 10 years ago. Funny enough both of them are kind of irrelevant now since mirror-less cameras have taken off and DSLR cameras are mostly irrelevant. Now there's healthy competition from Sony, Fuji, and Panasonic.

In the same field, though, you also have the film vs digital people and, like, film is still relevant because it can provide certain qualities that digital can only imitate but not match. But digital is still better in most situations... A lot like terminal vs gui.

@haskal in general, if it's a tradeoff, it's not a personality

@haskal gods and I used to be like that too xD


to be fair I'll push powerusers to try tiling window managers to see if it fits them because some people (me included) realized it was just so much better for us

Though I guess the CS community has a big issue of tying personality to product use soooooooo

@haskal yeah i do have better things to do. like work. because being a terminal user makes me so productive that it takes me 5 times as long to do anything
@haskal terminals just make more sense to me, terminal supremacists please stop making me look bad pls

also i read terminal user like terminally online and, not wrong tbh


@haskal if most people don't like my way of doing things, that must mean they're stupid doo doo heads and that i'm objectively smarter and superiorer :thonking:


> why do you have to be like this

insecure monkeys need other monkeys they can point at and laugh.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @haskal Meanwhile I just wish that stuff would work and holy shit… can we even have one good interface, please?

@lanodan @haskal

depends what you need and what you've found suits that need. i'm happy with the interface i have here, but i won't mention it because the insecure have to laugh at something, and they can laugh at someone else for a change.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @haskal Well GTK is so bad I'm wondering if the developers are even actually using it, specially after having seen major bugs left for easily a decade.
Qt also has it's share of issues but they're more on UX and that's harder to explain.
Shell is horribly bad but there is yet someone to replace it with something that doesn't have more bugs.
Unix utils or "we're too cool for proper data structures".

@haskal the terminal and the gui should live in harmony 🎴​
some things are easier in the terminal and some things are easier in the gui, just like some things suck to do in the terminal and somethings suck to do in a gui

like no way on earth am i going to browse the internet or edit photos with a terminal nor am i going to use a bad gui with lots of checkboxes and drop downs to do repetitive tasks that can be scripted.


@purplepeopleeater @haskal

Cold Take: GUI and terminal commands should be interchangeable and be logged as the same functions.

How many developers have stripped GUIs of functions just to follow art trends, or obfuscated commands through only using procedurally named calls for buttons and fields?

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