Sometimes autism is like. Had [some sensory input]? You may be entitled to [crashing & sleeping for 12 hours]

Honestly when (like today) the sensory input in question is bloody jackhammering at an unavoidable crowded waiting space (train platform), I think I’m entitled to fuckin monetary compensation as well

@s0 yeah mood

earlier today i had to go to this one phone company/provider's store, because, ugh phones

it was,
* road works outside
* all those screens of all those phones on display showing some kind of animation that wants to grab your attention to buy them
* multiple people being served by the store clerks at once, so hard to follow conversations

@sys64738 “let’s make it all open plan! We’ll do our in-depth consultations with customers all in a big bright loud room with dozens of other conversations happening at once!” — statements dreamed up by the utterly neurotypical

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