it's always extremely cursed when 0 is valid addressable memory so faults get triggered 2 functions later when the garbage that was fetched from 0 actually blows stuff up

extremely cursed when your static firmware binary has a got in it

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actually @sys64738 pls help
whymst the fuck does a static firmware binary with a custom linker script end up with .got

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@haskal @sys64738 so it's reloctable? in case your embedded thingie comes with aslr? i guess? lol

@haskal @sys64738 no idea then

if even a single file is compiled differently, the whole thing gets one

@luna @haskal @sys64738 Someone should implement W^X and ASLR on an 8-bit machine just for a joke... 4-bit of randomness, happy bruceforcing!

@haskal It's more cursed Historically. On a VAX running 4.3BSD, address 0 always stores the number 0, no segfault, no bus error. A bad program may intentionally rely on this "feature" - who needs to check for NULL pointers when you get a default value for free... 🙈

@grainloom @haskal Yes. Need to wait three more years for ANSI C, you can't even use "void *" at this point.

@niconiconi @haskal Why does int b = NULL; make &b == NULL? Surely it'd just make b = 0?

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