honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

hollywood rich people keep making "minority" movies that end up being incredibly bigoted because nobody thought to actually cast or even consult a real member of that minority

honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

@haskal but otherwise "normal"people may have to confront the fact that the way they see the minorities is wrong and bigoted

honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

@haskal You'd think hiring a consultant wouldn't be that hard. Or just following that one basic piece of advice: if being part of a minority is the central aspect around your character, then it isn't a character.

honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

I agree, burn that shit to the ground. 😡

honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

@haskal what the fuck that's,,,, Extremely fucked up imo????

i think the part that scares me the most is that one thing about handling meltdowns,, like,,, I feel like some nt people will see this movie and at least /some/ of them will probably think that's a good idea?? that's kinda scary tbh
I feel like if I had a meltdown and someone would do that it'd probably just be so much worse and would probably result in more trauma or something


cop mention re: honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

@AgathaSorceress @haskal
GG: i left a reply to op detailing it but.. yep!!
GG: gist is a cop did exactly this with our seven y/o brother (at an interview! when he was scared to talk about ex family abuse!!) and told our mom that thats how meltdowns have to be handled, it was reeeal traumatizing for both of them
GG: its not great. i guess movies sure do be normalizing that tho

cops, trauma, violence re: honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery 

Some of his advice is just astonishingly terrible. At one point, Ebo coaches Zu on how to hold Music down after Music has a meltdown in a park. Zu gets on top of Music, pinning Music face down. This is called “prone restraint” and is a practice that has resulted in multiple deaths.

GG: our brother was panicking when we were at social development once; it was time for him to do an interview talking about abuse from our father (who wed been away from for ~4-8 months at the time)
GG: there was a cop keeping guard at the situation, for whatever reason. when our brother started panicking and got scared, maybe started lashing out? (i dont remember clearly) -- the cop came over and did that exact thing i quoted above, pushed him down and restrained him from doing anything
GG: she told our mom she had to help her, said some really shitty cop-bullshit while she did - "this is how its done" etc. said thats how mom has to handle our brother having meltdowns in the future.
GG: she tried, once, a month or so later, and it just felt completely mortifying; the experience with the cop and that one after screwed with both our mom and brother for a looong while
GG: no saying how many other kids this cop did the same and worse with. no saying how many other adults have decided this is how children experiencing meltdowns are to be treated.
GG: welp, yay for movies normalizing this! :)

cops, trauma, violence re: honestly disgusting anti-autism fuckery [also some caps] 

@quasar @haskal okay um


. . .

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