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linux is cool because instead of my computer crashing all the time i can _choose_ to install a bunch of unstable software so now it's my fault

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@haskal Orrrr your computer can crash all the time anyway if you have an Nvidia graphics card! Wheeee!

@IceWolf i have an nvidia card it's just off most of the time

problem solved tbh

@haskal See I'm not sure how to do that, I'd love to run integrated if I could!

... but. Our Nvidia card is hardwired to all the external display outputs so if we used integrated we'd be stuck on only the internal display. :/

@IceWolf yeah dual gpu is always super cursed

my next laptop won't be dual gpu tbh

@haskal oh my god, I have had this exact experience, which is why I'm more careful about backups now. Well, at least you learn from your mistakes?!

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