it's only cyberpunk if it's actually _punk_
if it isn't a criticism of capitalism and the protags are all cishet white guys that's just sparkling neon scifi

@haskal yeah, well Johnny Rotten backs Brexit so punk isn't punk either

@LogicalDash @haskal johnny rotten isn't punk, punk eclipsed and renounced him a long time ago

i don't know of a single punk that still claims him

Hot take 

@LogicalDash @haskal

Are you honestly trying to argue that the Sex Pistols are the sum total of punk?

@LogicalDash @haskal @TruculentSheep I find it hard to believe that you would ask wether Dash was seriously trying to argue the most extreme viewpoint that could be inferred from his reply, out of all the possibilities which include joking about the poor use of “punk” as a political definition or despairing at the political turn of a punk icon.

@hypolite @LogicalDash @haskal

I find it hard to believe you're arguing in anything other than bad faith.

@LogicalDash @haskal @TruculentSheep Because I found it interesting and amusing to reflect your inane words at yourself after your weak repartee.
@LogicalDash @haskal @TruculentSheep If you didn’t want to hear the answer, you shouldn’t have asked the question. It’s a pattern with you in this conversation.


Genuinely sorry about that - forgot to remove you from the chat. Consider yourself non implicari.

@haskal you say "sparkling neon scifi" and all I can think of are those sparkling water Bubly/LaCroix drinks lol

@wolfcoder that's actually the idea
it's a play on the champagne copypasta

@haskal Actually, there have always been non-political punks or even nazi-punks, as weird as it sounds.
Fortunately, they've been the minority all along.

@haskal In the beginning, the “punk” part was said to be about the writers’ attitude. Didn’t last once the genre got reduced to tropes, though, admittedly.

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