parent alpha currently struggling with Microsoft Word freezing when opening a 20 page document with 5 lines of accidentally pasted binary spam

plenty of RAM and CPU available. flagship dell business laptop. word is simply just, not responding
it takes 1 keystroke per minute
parent is currently trying to delete the offending text at a rate of 1 char per minute
it's going very slowly


the binary spam comes from an image
which word decided to paste as binary spam instead of like, embedding an image

shit all you like on libreoffice but at least it just fucking works lol

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@haskal libreoffice could be better

but at least it tries honestly.

@haskal pasting an XML bomb used to crash word... Which is shit when you're trying to write a bug report for a customer. As far as I know, that was never fixed. I assume there are other huge bugs having to do with pasting.

@haskal I've been using LibreOffice for years and I would never ever go back.

@haskal not bragging here, but in a decade of #Linux usage, I have never had a single issue using LibreOffice (or OpenOffice before that). Ever!

Contrast that with the constant crashes and freezes that MS Office (chiefly excel) routinely gives me at work.

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