petition to rename the thing people do where they take cyberpunk and then remove the punk

it will now be called: cybercore

and y'all can go take your "politics-free aesthetic" and fuck off, cyberpunk is for when there's punk in it,,,

similarly: steamcore

and especially for this one because literally no steampunk ever is actually punk

@haskal steampunk would be cool if literally any steampunk work ever tried to grapple with the problems associated with industrialization, imperialism, and victorian social norms, but you'll at best get a vague reference to one of those things

@00dani @haskal dishonored probably did it best, but idk if a lot of the ideas about that were exactly coherent, though I didn't play it too much

what kinda scratched my head about dishonored was how the game punished you for killing people "raising the chaos level" even though in a lot of situations it probably would've been better if you just rubbed them out

@haskal Sure sounds like post cyberpunk, for which cybercore would be a much better name. To truly capture attention, why not cyberwave?

@haskal how the fuck do you have cyberpunk without politics

@haskal cybercore sounds like what you need to defeat the decepticons

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