hear me out for a second

what if ssh-keygen had a cool gui and keygen music

@haskal ssh-keygen now runs 100x slower because it's spending all it's time generating a cool looking video to show while it runs

@io @haskal It's called "Zeroplex" by BZL. Here is a link:

It's in the XM file format, so you need to play it in a player with support for that. xmp is a good cli player, but VLC, deadbeef, and a few others also support it.

@haskal which 0-day haXX0r team will make the art and the chiptune?

@haskal what if progress bars sounded like dialup modems

@kvothe @haskal
Crossover idea: ssh should authenticate you via a physical device that answers an audio challenge-response based on the device key.

@haskal What if there was a second ssh-keygen that did this. rad-ssh-keygen?

@haskal I was just thinking about these earlier when I booted my legally acquired copy of Sonic Adventure 2

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