so here's the deal here's the thing

- if a minor says something's bothering them, it's real
- if a minor says they're trans, it's true
- if a minor has opinions about "adult" level topics, particularly politics, it's valid. probably more valid than your opinion

- they will not "understand when they're older". you failed to understand something when you were young. stop projecting

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addendum 2

- the policy of "bathroom control" in american classrooms which appears to extend even to high school is power tripping and misogynist abuse. stop it. get some help

@haskal They have BATHROOM PASSES?

What the /heck./


@IceWolf @haskal I'd say even worse than passes are the classes that would allocate you a certain number of bathroom trips for the school year and if you used them up, too bad should have went before/after class. Usually used in high school classes for general studies tracks and classes you'd see more lower income students in too :/

@haskal @IceWolf @metawish when I first learned about these things in America from some movie I thought it was satire. Then found out they really do that. Ever notice how all American media set in a high school just reinforces that everyone different deserves to be constantly bullied because “that’s just how school is” (upholding the status quo is the real American dream)?

@s0 @haskal @IceWolf @metawish American schools are trauma factories. Moreso as each generation that was produced by 'em becomes teachers & administrators for the next.

@haskal @IceWolf sounds like torture. So what happens if someone soils themselves in class? Guess it is bound to happen sooner or later.

@bootie_fringe @haskal @IceWolf Happened in my Aunties school where she was an assistant in year 3 (so ~6-7 year olds)

Kid asked to go to the toilet, was told the standard "Why didn't you go at break?" (either that or, break is soon go then). Small kid, listens to teacher, clearly busting for a piss, wets self because busting and not allowed to go, but doesn't speak up.

I got in trouble for walking out of a class because I needed a piss and wasn't allowed when I asked. Like, what you gonna do? Physically restrain me? I got away with it because I wasn't a major trouble maker, and I walked out, pissed and came back instead of just ditching (and our school didnd't have passes, you just had to ask permission)


re: flashbacks 

re: Catholic school flashbacks 

@haskal sounds like American workspaces.

( This is not a defense of the practice. )

@Almafeta yeah

schools just prepare you to be abused by your boss for the rest of your life uwu

@haskal you had to ask in my H.S./middle school but the teachers would never say no. Maybe "can it wait five minutes till we break off for group study?" or something like that. In college you could leave at any time without a word.

@haskal god I wish I had gone to highschool so I could piss my pants in class as a power move

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