yeah i'm a member of ANTIFA

ANTI: anti
FA: fascist

it just means i don't like nazis lmao idk where these weirdo conservatives get these ideas

serious answer [USpol] 

Sarcasm (not the first part, Antifa is cool) 

Sarcasm (not the first part, Antifa is cool) 


No matter how often I try to follow the reasoning of that crowd, it never works. It's as if you opened a convo with a mention that temps will be 85 F this weekend, and their reply is some tirade about that time they innocently put their foot in a sock only to find a live mouse in it. 🙄

@haskal they're so used to all of their own groups having names that are lies

@haskal Their favorite leader is a fascist who has criminalized antifa because he is tired of them giving his preferred demonstrators a hard time.

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