hey maybe
just like, hear me out
we shouldn't let large portions of the internet go down just because some techbros changed 1 line of config

@steph @haskal >bans steph for absolutely nothing
>turns a blind eye to the various piracy sites including pirate bay that use their services and most likely distribute malicious ads

cloudflare truly is epic

@haskal y e s please

@ society
the robot cat ears
hand 'em over

@LunaDragofelis @haskal this timeline has all the bad cyberpunk things but none of the cute badass hackergirl aesthetics I so desperately crave :(

@haskal if we must live in a dystopia, at the very least make it cyberpunk

@haskal isn't BGP itself problematic though? like that time certain countries announced routes they shouldn't have?

@michcio bgp, with the modern protections against weird route advertisements that have been installed since those incidents is far less problematic than cloudflare having centralized control over literally all the https traffic on the internet _in plaintext_

@haskal oh yeah sorry i just realized my post seemed to dismiss that cloudflare is bad, cloudflare *is* bad, sorry for writing it like this
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