>Of course Broadcom doesn't publish any documentation for these chips whatsoever — that would make it too easy to use their products


>However, it appears it has finally occurred to them that making it hard for people to use their products is not a winning strategy, and so they now provide a freely available SDK for programming their switch chips. This library is hilariously called “OpenNSL”, even though it is a) a closed-source 56 MiB binary shared library and b) Broadcom-specific; to Broadcom, the idea of publishing the SDK so that people can actually use their products is truly _radical_.

this is from github.com/hlandau/ortega/blob

there's a writeup for this project here which is also pretty good devever.net/~hl/ortega (CW some of the other blog posts have highly spicy takes, probably don't click)

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@haskal it's open as you don't have to sign some ridiculous NDA you only get when buying a shitload of their chips?

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