currently hhhhh over firefox's copy as curl feature

it copies the WHOLE request as a curl command, headers and post data and all
so you can replicate the exact thing in the terminal

@haskal i remember using this to heck some online poll my high school put up

then someones like "milo ur making ms lindsey sad by hacking the poll" so i stopped

@haskal i use this to download videos i shouldnt its lovely. Just pipe that binary data right into a file uwu

@haskal yes!! it's super neat, one of my favorite Firefox features

@haskal Yeah that's awesome, I've been finding that extremely useful in the past few weeks 🎉

@haskal Now if there was "copy as Python requests" scraping/automating a website would be a breeze :)

@haskal @clonejo This seems to be standard in all browsers now - even Safari has it.

Does this work on downloads as well? I'm currently using the get-cli plugin to do exactly that (for downloading .iso files on servers for example)

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