broke: letting people change their name cause they get married

woke: letting people change their name because they're trans and have a real name

bespoke: letting people change their names because tbh trans or not you should just be able to change your name whenever you feel like it i literally cannot comprehend why this is a problem

give every citizen an immutable, unique id number
no you can't change your name, how will we identify you?

thank's governments

if it's god given that's all the more reason to hecking yeet that shit into the trash

@natalie @haskal “fun” fact: US social security numbers aren’t unique

(this is partially because they were never intended to be used as ID numbers outside of the social security and taxation systems)

@natalie @haskal of course, the system has provisions to deal with name changes anyway, but that’s why so much stuff (like job applications and such) insists on you voluntarily giving previous names, AFAIK

because there isn’t a tight coupling of SSN to a single person

@natalie @haskal Denmark gives every citizen an unique ID, though for trans people it’s really easy to get changed. Literally takes 2 emails.

@natalie @haskal (and you don’t need to have had SRS or anything, you just tell them you want it changed because you’re trans, then you get 6 months of reflection before you can respond confirming it)

@haskal it's somewhat harder to spy on people who change their name and this is exactly why you should do it multiple times, in addition to having a pseudonym

@pettter @haskal Names already work this way in the UK - you’re legally allowed to have as many names as you like and to change your name with a simple declaration. Changing your name for the purposes of fraud is a specific exception.

abolish the concept of universal identification altogether

@haskal is this... not how it already works in most (Western, at least) places?

name change laws 

name change laws 

name change laws 

name change laws 

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