absolutely mind boggling how much stockholm syndrome people have over proprietary garbage

windows in particular but also like, everything

like at some point you gotta stop and maybe try to imagine what it would be like if yr computer didn't give you literally 24/7 bullshit
because we have things that are better

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windows user: haha lol linux nerds gotta use the command line for everything

also windows user, on new control panel > network settings > old control panel > adapter settings > right click on interface > properties > drivers > ipv4 > properties to set a static IP address: this is okay, actually

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@haskal huh... I just assumed everyone would just have their DHCP server assign the same IP based on the MAC address.


bold of you to assume there's always a dhcp server
or that it's working,

@haskal Well if its not working That'd be the first thing I'd fix. But then again I'm only ever on my home network.

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