absolutely mind boggling how much stockholm syndrome people have over proprietary garbage

windows in particular but also like, everything

like at some point you gotta stop and maybe try to imagine what it would be like if yr computer didn't give you literally 24/7 bullshit
because we have things that are better

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windows user: haha lol linux nerds gotta use the command line for everything

also windows user, on new control panel > network settings > old control panel > adapter settings > right click on interface > properties > drivers > ipv4 > properties to set a static IP address: this is okay, actually

literally this happened at the competition thing

my teammate, plugging in a device usb interface to their laptop and digging through properties in device manager to figure out what kind of stuff it exposes, takes a good minute

me: l s u s b

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me, a worthless foss user with worthless opinions: systemctl suspend

you, an absolute intellectual: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

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@haskal i hate this so much but honestly this is bringing back the amount of time i used to spend debugging random crap on linux too

the only time my laptop has ever actually kernel panicked on linux is when i was trying to test kexec and cheesed it

windows just crashes randomly, everywhere

@haskal this kind of stuff makes me miss the Amiga.

Actually scratch that, lots of stuff makes me miss the Amiga. :amiga:

@haskal huh... I just assumed everyone would just have their DHCP server assign the same IP based on the MAC address.

@haskal Unless you are constantly changing static IP's... which seems to defeat the purpose of having a static IP.

bold of you to assume there's always a dhcp server
or that it's working,

@haskal Well if its not working That'd be the first thing I'd fix. But then again I'm only ever on my home network.


WINDOWS USERS: [making fun of linux people]
ME: what if,, windows,,, not actually good??
YOU: hey haskal yr actually not allowed to have this take

but like
windows still isn't good???

Caps lock, FOSS, rediculous formating 

Caps lock, FOSS, rediculous formating 

Caps lock, FOSS, rediculous formating 

@haskal GUI has its merits, in case you're exploring something for the first time, or you are doing a one-off task. It's a tool for the novice and for non-repeated actions. Keeping using it for repeated (reproducible!) tasks is madness. Pushing even the power user to do so (for lack of decent CLI culture and tools) is mind-numbing crime. The solution: *every GUI* should be just a wrapper to CLI commands, that should be revealed (as part of the GUI itself), jupyter-notebook-style.

@haskal I feel like the intersection set of people who laugh at command-line users and people who set static IPs is exceptionally small.

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