Sometimes I just wanna be everyone's friend. I want my reputation to be that fuzzy nonbinary motherfucker on fedi that's your friend

public universal friend

I think tech would be better if people spent less time being "software engineers" and more time being "softs"

evidence that i am an actual cat irl
-i curl up into a ball like cats do when they sleep

how do people not get one ad on youtube and immediately become radicalized

Awoo Web Services is happy to report no extended downtime over the last month :blobcat:

i haven't really been publicizing it besides boosting the articles here but i have a blog here
@haskal /
(click the direct link to see all the current content your instance might not have fetched)

it has Atom ("RSS") here

it's about technical stuff (security, hacks, programming) and writeups on topics i have been working on and find interesting. i also plan to write about nontechnical stuff too because not everything needs to be boring technical gibberish :blobcat:
anyway i have been actually writing posts recently and hopefully this continues,,,,

gameing, nothing 

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