Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre?

what if,,,, FOSS but no personality cult??? :floshed: :floshd: :flonshed: :flooshed:

Which ones of these identifiers would you count as fully names of yours? :boost_requested:

looking for a job, trying to escape an abusive situation, boosts appreciated 


and the sister-art:
#83: "Pan Pride"

If you like my art, I appreciate feedback, boosts and ko-fis (from people who're able to!)

If you want to acquire the physical canvas, I these as "Pay what you want/can" to the first one who claims it. I need my costs for materials and shipping covered and hope to get a bit extra as my art is very not covering its costs at the moment

Gallery: kittenme.ws/art/
Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/jglauche
Streams: twitch.tv/jennyfluff

#abstract #art #mastoart

(i'm calling racket plt schem because racket can't be split in 2 very easily
*unkets your rac*)

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the webbed sight for ocaml should be oca.ml but it's not :(

nextcloud needs to test their upgrades way more imo
every time i upgrade it explodes

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