It sickens me that some of the biggest media figures in #Linux and #FreeSoftware are alt-right or adjacent, making these spaces actively hostile to the groups already excluded from tech and making young people in particular easy to target with hateful rhetoric.

hey folks ! I'm looking for recommendations for podcasts related with these subjects :
- Dev
- Synths and audio gear
- Electronics and hacking

If possible with women and/or under-represented communities!

also i'm bad at this so i also didn't think abt just like, bending the rf shield frame to get better access

this still isn't going to make the desoldering very easy because uhhhh i'm bad at soldering

ok i'm gonna do the destructive thing and _probably_ brick this board we'll see

@simula @haskal @steph I mean im not good at computers and also don't compare yourself to other people especially online, it's useless and it's self-harm

lov to use this white label saleae knockoff lmao

there's no indicated company
it does appear to work though

if you're running windows server
consider: literally running almost anything else
unpatched ubuntu -85718.18 would still be more secure

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ok so like, someone literally just made a haskal day it's perfect and i love it

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all caps excited 

"Oh!" said the robot, "I have misunderstood. I assumed 'non-binary' referred to all people with biological brains."
"Not quite as many as that," xe said with a smile, "but more than many think."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Our gender expressions are all valid, too! Non-binary people can be masculine, feminine, or androgynous!

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New gender: void
- Has no inhabitants
- sizeof(void) is undefined
- Most compilers return 0 for sizeof(void)
- Most compilers treat void as if sizeof(void) were 1 for the purposes of pointer arithmetic
- Easiest way to subvert the type system (via void pointer assignment)

Blueleaks shitpost, Sarcasm, Fuck Cops 

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