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extended intro, interacting with me 

imo it's good to interact with cool queer folks on this website so,,,

- if i approved your follow request that means it's okay to interact on masto, or chat offsite

- i also periodically run video/audio calls with mutuals on jitsi so watch out for those posts

- i have servers for satisfactory and xonotic; also like to play super tux kart, deep rock galactic, and maybe brawlhalla. i may be open to other types of multiplayer games too. send toot for steam code ~

- if you're interested in hacking stuff ask about my CTF team :goose_hacker:

that is all :dragnwitch:

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[da bat z0ne] MAKE IT HALLOWEEN

spooky aesthetics
free candy
socialy aceptable to wear weird outfit's
ful moon night

whenever i go through my soundcloud likes im always like damn my music taste was so good

you cant seriously be telling me that the imposter was being sus

axe requires a lot of very deliberate planning and moves and i think i am getting better at this

i think one of the indicators for this is how many nlights you hit
like hitting nlight indicates that you actually thought ahead about it i think

me with admin is like
desperately trying to space gc sigs offstage correctly
i'm just bad at this


an interesting meme ive seen with spear in high level gameplay videos is instead of doing slight dlight which is dodgeable you slight then dodge read a dodge in and dlight the *other direction* and then you can throw a gc sig or a nair or recovery and it's true combo

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or more realistically like
some or all of the slight dlight nlight jump (nair|rec) string and then dash back and then just like. do it again

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one of the really fun things with bow in silver is like
so many players just get hit by the side light then literally just walk right back into it over and over
im just like
ssig boom dead

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like you can kill in orange with a sair and like a well aimed weapon throw

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how is america so behind literally the rest of the world what the fuck

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i can't believe europe has tramdriving competitions that's so fucking cool

ah yes big buck bunny

the only movie that's on my jellyfin :3

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