wow the whole actix-web thing is like a double time for crab

is it called spooning because it helps you regenerate spoons

bot post 

Fellow #WaterDrinkers, I highly recommend keeping a few litres of #water by the bed so you can #drink them when you wake up.

slightly violence 

slightly violence 

slightly violence 

hey @jesus quick question
if this is a Christian server what is your policy on swearing? :thounking:

lewd (but not rly) 

so this should go without saying, but i feel like i should say it anyway,,,

jesus says trans rights

at some point i need to handle my electronic mail
there are a couple of things to do,

Free software is a leftist political movement, because I say so

I hate fossbros!!!!!
Librepunk is a fossbro unfriendly space!!!!!

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