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if i don't know you and you're an allocishet white man: before replying to my threads you must donate at least US$25 to one of the organizations listed here:
DM me proof of donation
that is all :dragnmlem:

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Orwell could never have written 1984 today because he's been dead for a while actually

if 1984 is so good why isn't there any 2084? 😤

i dont think my lungs are big enough to do a deep enough sigh for "shotspotter the gunshot detecting AI". you know, the machine learning thing, that police are now using

fucking stupid idea even apart from the way police go to them like "hey can you make it report an additional gunshot we need some evidence"

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that was painful
i do not want to do this ever again

pls be proud of me
i am a real gamer now lmao

Need tech help. I have two GPUs in my motherboard. The motherboard keeps selecting the wrong GPU as the one to output to. In Linux I can't find any settings to make the os use the correct GPU. Anytime I search for this it ends up being an integrated vs dedicated thing. Butni have two dedicated cards. I need the PC to only use one since the other will be passed to vfio

tired: AI (artificial intelligence)
wired: AI (abstract interpretation)

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