callout post uwu 

So I'm still looking for a new job, if anyone is looking for a low-level C and C++ developer with some other languages mixed in and ideally has an open, fully-remote position, let me know~.

If it's for maintaining open source tooling that's a big plus~

i spent some time updating my notes file
it still has about 76 lines

I mean if all the fuss created by the U.S. government around TikTok was from the other side, with the CPC forcing an american company to hand over their app, we wouldn't live to see the mushroom cloud.

Like DAMN i wish i could be like that but you know

waves in Black

damn that must be nice, huh?

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Yo real talk


people who willingly just close their fucking ears and just go "I wanna be a cute gay online and not talk about race uwu"

piss me off so much

Still hiring... systems administrators of most linux flavors wanted. You'll work on supercomputers, kubernetes, petascale archives, data science workflows...

Ah shit its bi visibility day, which means i take a massive sneak debuff until the days out. Gotta remember to put off a few quests til tomorrow

it's bi visibility day today !!!
to my bi gang on this hecking webbed sight: y'all are fabulous and rad :sparkles_bi: :dragncoolmlem:
:bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :blobcatsip:

i am by far not the first user to complain abt this phenomenon

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i like how when i post a stolen picture of a cat on top of a blåhaj that gets 100 boosts instantly but when i talk abt the whiteness problem on this fucking website i get [checks notes] 2 boosts

fedi dot png

shit all you like on libreoffice but at least it just fucking works lol

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the binary spam comes from an image
which word decided to paste as binary spam instead of like, embedding an image

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