updooted kernel

let's hope everything doesn't break

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ive said it before and i will say it again, icann are cops

haha yes nextcloud SSO is now reasonably configured

I got keycloak to correctly include the user email, full name, and I mapped client roles to nextcloud groups so now I can assign my keycloak user the nextcloud admin role and it works


saml + nextcloud "works"

I still need to make it map attributes right

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ok I have a cursed nextcloud setup now

the main install is located on a container that's not the same as the container running nginx

therefore I set up sshfs (since unprivileged containers can't do nfs and I can't be bothered to figure out how to get proxmox to properly share storage between containers) so that the nginx container can see the static stuff needed for nextcloud

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dividing germany in aldi nord and aldi süd

why do suburban people feel the need to mow their lawns *constantly*

I swear I've been hearing the damn lawnmowers outside all day

have you considered that maybe the grass doesn't need to be cut on an hourly basis?

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why do literally zero free software projects support SSO

protip: someday someone's going to *not* want to use your non-authentication-related project for authentication and you should probably allow that

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life gets way more chill when you stop overreacting to people who seem Weird and outside of your model of normality and it gets way more fun when you realize you are also Weird and lose your model of normality
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science is just a way of thinking about “things that happen”! different things that happen can’t be “compatible” or “incompatible” with science

science is not a set of events or discoveries, it’s how you think about the things you see

if magic exists, you can do science to it

TIL about meta keys and terminals

apparently it's Complicated(tm)

you can either break unicode (use the 8th bit to indicate alt modifier) or introduce ambiguity (send alt-key as esc+key, and then you need a timeout to determine whether esc+key means esc;key or alt-key)

I swear windows users have some of the absolute worst stockholm syndrome I've ever seen

>windows is annoying

okay, have you tried not using windows?

>no I have windows-only software I need to run

consider the following: d u a l b o o t

>no it's easier to just run windows

then....stop complaining?

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