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if i don't know you and you're an allocishet white man: before replying to my threads you must donate at least US$25 to one of the organizations listed here:
DM me proof of donation
that is all :dragnmlem:

reminded once again of matrix 4 and want it to be out already

oh well

if i wasn't so oppressed by my own body i would be more powerful than all cis people combined

I still have not forgotten when boomers almost killed the planet by bursting the ozone bubble


rsync (R package that performs sync(2))

yeah im dagn

d - dagn
a - a
g - gay
n - none binanry

nintendo: pay us way more switch online money to gain access to nine (9) nintendo 64 games on your nintendo switch, with horrible input lag and also one of them just doesn't fucking work on our shitty n64 emulator? apparently we did not bother to test each of the literally nine (9) games we're putting on this thing
retroarch: play all of the nintendo 64 games, and they actually work properly, with no ongoing subscription fee

hmmmmmmm :thaenkin:​

The only metric that should be used for generational divides is this:

People who yell "JORDAN!" when throwing something away vs those who yell "KOBE!"

Can a depressed person do this? (sinks the entirety of Europe like a big atlantis)

imagine having so few problems you think being pressured to get a vaccine is oppression

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