screenreader unfriendly 

dunno mayb it would be good to take a break from fedi for a bit
it's doing the thing that mainstream social media does to ppl who are big sad and like

kinda vague 

coffee shops that give discounts for customers who bring their own containers are the freaking best tbh.

if any of y'all are visiting Bandung sometime then I 100% recommend Sepenuhatikopi at Serayu street.

i need help lol

(define-values [in out] (make-pipe 4096))
(write 10 out)
(read in)

does Not Work the read hangs forever

does nobody on this hecking planet that's online have the rest of the file :angery: :angery:

free (cc0) catpcha idea! 

$ rm ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso~

alright we are temporarily in the clear :blobcat:

unlike certain poorly coded operating systems, on linux you literally don't notice that you ran out of disk space unless you actively try to write a file

which is cool i guess
currently in firefox and i imagine all the browser cache writes and stuff are failing and nobody cares and it continues working as usual

haskal Officially runs out of disk space 

haskal Officially runs out of disk space 

jp media 

see this song is an absolute bop but it's also sad
so i replay it a lot and then get sad

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