i can video encode with the same gpu while it's also doin the mega render and that's like ??????

i've been a laptop user forever and i've never had a gpu that could render and encode at the same time :blobcat:

chomker gpus are cool

render the beat saber scene (with full effects on) three times at 120hz and it's still only using like 60% of the gpu's capacity

when you catch your phone before you realize you actually dropped it

reflexes are cool

pronouncing xilinx with X as chi just to dab on them


trash cat tech tips 

a year is kinda like an inverse day

so if a day is a sol then is a year a terra :thounking:

meta random 

also HECK this should have all been CW food
I FORGOT i'm sorry

when the menu is full of ??? and most of it is probably not your taste or will trigger your mild seafood allergy

time for the classic

the reality is more like

[haskal gets taken to a fancy seafood place]
[waiter asks for order]
[hand slamming on blue button dot png] fish and chips

worthless supertoot lol 

“mastodon should potentially look at twitter and learn from their mistakes” says cyber security expert, “it might be beneficial for their annual profits if the ceo of mastodon doesn’t do the same things as jack dorsey”

it’s an excellent time of year to request your data and update your privacy settings on any/all proprietary software you use 🥰

(fun fact i have a head and it can be patted)

using a kvm daily and then also having a non-kvm setup is
not good

haskal: wants to move to monitor #2
haskal: reaches for the scroll lock key
also haskal: wtf no-

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