worker with fingers literally 2cm from a 44 ton hydraulic press: yeah this is fine

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playing the game of how many workers in How It's Made aren't wearing ppe

a lot

The thing about most of the "impossible to solve" social problems is that all of them are just math problems with descriptions like "Jimmy has 372 houses. Johnny has 0 houses. What does Johnny need to do in order to

"ARM/ARM64 computers do not have a standardized BIOS, yet"

i see this as an absolute win tbh

like it may be annoying to have to make device trees and use u-boot and all but also consider that having all hardware under u-boot and then kernel control at all times instead of having nasty broken vendor UEFI/SMM/ME/friends firmware under you is actually very nice. like u-boot sucks but not as bad as x86 firmware

also perhaps, hack something into u-boot to turn on the screen very early and display a nice logo or something

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the pbp power to screen on time is kinda long for being theoretically unencumbered by the whole BIOS or UEFI thing i want to profile it i think
like how long is u-boot taking
it may be possible to create a more minimal u-boot build i think,,

hmmmmmmmmm nexmon has patches for bcm43455

how hard would it be to create patches for bcm43456

ok i also need stickers aaaaaaa
- pine64
- enby crow
- frc dozer
- cybre

hmmmm a few more maybe

the pbp suspend seems to work but the lid switch triggers it very unreliably. is this expected behavior or do i need to check the switch?

the PBP power supply has a switchable US and EU connector hhhhhhh

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