reol is too good not to listen to on repeat

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why must every hardware manufacturer's Official Toolchain be based on eclipse

I swear I've never seen anything else


kuraudo no haato....

kaisen shite douzo....

yuragu kono gaado....


i like how the barrel jack on my laptop charger has an led on it so i can find it in the dark

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Good piece on the misuse of the word "viral" in describing the GPL:

TL;DR: The GPL does not "infect" attached pieces of code, so it doesn't make sense to say it has a "viral clause".

If you screw up and include GPL'd code in your proprietary binary, sure, you're in violation of the license. But you don't sign away rights to your own code just by linking a library!

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the annoying thing about jpop is I don't know japanese so I can't lyricpost without copying and pasting which kind of defeats the point of lyricposting

my transliterations to romanji are often extremely wrong too


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galaxy brain: oggdec -o >(aplay) <file>

oggdec -o - <file> | aplay

oggdec -o /dev/stdout <file> | aplay

:thaenkin: :thaenkin:

Utena is on its 10th or so play today...

trap (music) influenced j-pop is pretty much guaranteed to be a banger for me

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