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chr stated on the cybrespace matrix that they don't think they're in a good position to run a mastodon instance anymore so like

that's basically it. i think this account is over :dragnsad: :dragncrysmile:

sorry y'all, and see you on typespl,,,,

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if u don't wanna be mutuals on the new account i'm probably going to unfollow in a few days

like it doesn't mean i don't like you and you're still free to send follow at any time but i kinda don't wanna parasocialize interactions that i assumed weren't

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so yeah send me a follow req on @haskal if you want. there's a bunch of follows i sent out from there to sort of soft migrate already

if we're mutuals on here i'd really appreciate if we could be mutuals on there :dragnmlem:

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tbh an account move was kinda coming for a while. this account having been unlocked for so long before i locked it and having such a gigantic audience was kinda not super great for me

it's not just because of the like lack of moderation that has been happening recently on here

medical advice, boosts appreciated 

hey besties. does anyone have any recommendations for e-doctors who are cheap to see uninsured and will write you prescriptions if you've done your own research? physical doctors are ok too if they're in the phoenix area.

i don't use this account!! cybrespace is shutting down!

you're looking for @haskal

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if u ever hear a cryptographer talking about an s-box, thats short for sex box, which is an essential component in a cryptographers sex life

Pro-trans graffiti was spread over the UW-Madison campus last night in lead up to speaking event featuring gender fascist and 'Daily Wire' troll Matt Walsh, who several weeks ago pushed anti-trans conspiracies that led to death threats against workers at a #Boston hospital. Walsh has said white people "lost our republic after Reconstruction" and advocated for underage girls to be married.

anyone know if wearing a binder would have adverse effects on breast growth ?

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