FYI - If trump is defeated in 2020, it will be despite internet leftists, no because of them.

The left will forever be more interested in purity testing than anything else.

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By "purity testing" do you mean "making sure 'leaders' have solid values and principles that don't turn on a dime"?

I don't roll with fascists, racists, neoliberals, neocons, warmongers, greedheads or other similar scum. Period. The end.

So, fine; I'm a goddamn "purist".

@flugennock Would you vote for someone who you agree with 80-90% of the time to keep someone who is actively hostile to your beliefs out of office?

@halozeta @flugennock Depends where they stand on the remaining 10%. I've got a really big, big problem with warmongering, resisting Medicare For All, and sleeping around with Wall Street.

@flugennock @flugennock Then you will never help us get out of this mess. Stop pretending you care.

@halozeta We're not going to be able to vote our way out of this mess. "Elections" have had their chance. Time to get our goddamn yellow vests on.

Actually, I haven't voted since 2004 because not a single candidate can even get to 40% agreement on my issues, and the whole of American "Democracy" is a corporate-cash mobbed-up media freak circus.

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